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NeoFlash NEO2 Lite

for playing DS and GBA roms on Nintendo DS Lite.

NEO3-TF (microSD / TransFlash)
for NDS roms only - can not lay GBA roms. Removing Gameboy Advance support lets reduce the price of the unit so it is good for people who already have a GBA Flash Card or don't need Gameboy game support. Runs the NDS clean rom from TF directly, not need any extra patcher. Support multiple games in one card. Build in DS battery AD monitor. Build in universal IR remote, can support TV/HiFi/PS2/XBOX and the remote code is upgradable!

Build in 16 bit DMA, 8Kb inner high-speed buffer for roms, 2M sram for savegames, 16M flash menu. Come with one driver CD. NEO3-TF support MicroSD (TF) up to 1GByte. Can be used in NDS-Lite only. No support for GBA roms :( You need MK4-mini to boot the Neo3.
* NEO3-TF support NDS games only
* Menu upgradable ,just run the new menu from TF then can upgrade.

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NEO2-TF (microSD / TransFlash)
for NDS and GBA roms.
* Run the NDS clean rom from TF directly,not need any extra patcher
* Support multi-clean rom
* Build in battery AD monitor
* Build in universal IR remote,can support TV/HiFi/PS2/XBOX,and the remote code is upgradable
* 100% GBA hardware save
* Build in 3 set separate RTC
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 2M sram
* Build in 16M flash menu
* Build in 128M Zip RAM,support compressed ROM
* Build in 256M flash memory
* Come with one driver CD
* NEO2-TF support MicroSD(TF)only, up to 1GByte
* NEO2-TF support NDS-lite only
* NEO2-TF support NDS games and GBA games
* Menu upgradable,just run the new menu from TF then can upgrade
* Need MK4-mini work together

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NEO2-SD (MMC, RSMMC and microSD / TransFlash via adapter)

The current V1.0 - Sep 22 2006 function:
* Support almost clean rom load from SD / miniSD (need SD adaptor) / TF (need MMC adaptor) and run directly,not need any patcher, 100% plug and play.
PS: Because the MMC card is slower than SD card,so we just support SD card at the beginning,we will upgrade the MMC supporting later.
* Support upgrade from SD card,just need to run the new core from SD  then can upgrade to the newest version.
* Support NDS SMS function,can auto backup / restore the current NDS save date to SD card.
To Do: # Add the GBA games and movie support.

Neo2 Manager V1.32

1. Fix the reading error when backup the rom to PC from the neo2 cart
2. Upgrade the NEO2 GBA menu core,now can support the POCKMON serial / MARIO serial / DRAGON BALL serial / Famicom Mini serial / Classic Nes serial CLEAN ROM,not need any patcher with it!
3. Upgrade the NEO2 GBA patch core, support the OUR SUN serial / Yoshi's Universal Gravitation serial / Wario Ware Twisted etc roms.So this current 1.3 version the GBA games competibility should be 98% at least
PS: [1] If you want to play the gba games, please use the complete format (don't choose the quick format with GBA games!) your neo2-lite cart before you burn any GBA roms to it.
      [2] If you want to play the NDS games,please use the QUICK format (don't choose the complete format with NDS games!) your neo2-lite cart before you burn any NDS roms to it.

How To:
[a.] Quick format your nds2-lite first;
[b.] Use "MK4-Mini patcher V1.2 for NEO2.exe" (you can find it in C:\NEO2 Manager\MK4-Mini patcher V1.2 for NEO2) to patch the NDS correct clean rom on your PC;
[c.] Burn this single rom (up to 256M only in the current menu program) to your neo2-lite cart;
[d.] Remove the MK4-mini in advance,plug in the neo2-lite to nds ,and turn on, if you can enter the neo2 menu and can see the nds rom title,then mean the cart is ready;
[e.] Now turn off nds and plug in the MK4-mini, set the MK4 switch to the GBA MODE, power on, you will see the nds game start to run.

Neo Flash Products:
Neo2-SD – SD+ – for SD, miniSD, microSD, MMC, and RS-MMC memory.
Neo2-TF - microSD – has an IR port built-in.
Neo2-Lite – 256M (32MB)
Neo2-Lite – 512M (64MB)
Neo2-Lite – 1024M (128MB)

How to upgrade Neo2 firmware:
[1] unzip the menu file to your HD
[2] drag and drop it to your SD/TF card
[3] turn on your NDS
[4] choose the menu file what you want
[5] press "A" to upgrade
[6] after the upgrade,you can see the build time was changed at the top of menu.
[7] now you can enjoy the new menu already.

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