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EFA Linker II - EFA2 for DS

Extreme Flash Advance Linker 2 card is different from a regular USB memory key or flash card. In a GBA Flash Card you have SRAM for save games, fast NOR Flash for running games, NAND flash for storing roms and SMS / Save Game backup plus Loader that runs the built-in menu operations, Battery for SRAM and RTC - Real Time Clock.

EFA Linker II - 1G GBA Flash Card (back)
256M NOR 1Gb NAND (or 2G in other models)

From this part of the memory you can play the roms.

From PC roms are stored in NAND and need to be transferred to NOR if you want to play them.

Save Games (.SAV) can be backuped to NAND and will be stored in /SAVEFILE folder that can be access from PC

SRAM for Save Games

When you save your progress in the game it is stored in a battery backuped SRAM memory. You can transfer them to NAND.

RealTime Clock - RTC

A good GBA / NDS card can not be without a built in clock. RTC - Real Time Clock is needed for the RPG games that have time based events. In EFA II there is a nice little menu for adjusting the RTC settings.
EFA II Loader
Firmware BIOS that handles all the nice windows and operations that you can see in the above screenshots. Good thing about is that it sits on its own flash chip and can be updated by placing a loader on NAND and running it. Latest update we installed on our card added Format option to the built-in menu. Another update to the Loader will be needed to make Extreme Flash Advance compatible with NDS ROMS.

On the PC side of thisngs in Windows (or Mac or Linux)

When you connect the card to PC you see the NAND part of the memory and the NOR will stay invisible to the computer.

NAND and NOR flash mem.

These two memory types could be compared to your PC Random Access Memory (RAM) and Hard Disk (HDD). NOR flash is like the RAM - more expensive but faster. NAND is like HDD - good for long time storage and cheaper, but access times are slower that that of NOR.

I guess manufacturers do not talk too much about this 256M/1G issue to avoid unnecessary confusion. Lets just say that it has all that is necesary for runing GBA roms but is not a "real" 1G card in a sense like we had for example 512M GBA Xrom. Here you have a 1256M or 256M + 1G storage card. Plus there is also SRAM memory for Save Games and EFA II Loader so maybe for some people that would be too complicated.

Buy GBA Extreme Flash Advance at Jandaman - Price: $ 99.95 USD
Both Original EFA Linker and EFA Linker II can play GBA ROMs, Emulated games and NDS ROMs. Both version I & II can be used on GAMEBOY ADVANCE, GBA SP, GB Micro and Nintendo DS consoles. EFA can boot DS roms directly when as EFA II has a little trick to do it until the new updated version of the Loader is released.

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EFA2 efa linker ii
EFA Linker 2 Review
Using EFA2 Flash Card
Users Manual & Software
Linux & Mac OS


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