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EFA Linker II and LINUX

Extreme Flash Advance WORKS under Linux !

We have tested and can confirm that EFA2 works with Linux, but you have to keep in mind that GBA ROMS with more exotic save game formats like EEPROM v_122 and v_124 need to be patched or you will not be able to Save in these games.

- Boktai - The Sun is in Your Hand.
- Mario & Luigi - Super Star Saga.
- Need for Speed Underground.
- The Sims - Bustin Out.
- Onimusha Tactics. are some of  EEPROM games.

Other than that with most of the GAMEBOY ADVANCE / GBA SP games you can simply drag-and-drop .GBA rom files into the EFA Linker 2 card that in Linux is presented as 133MB Removable Media - usb disk. Backup or Restore save games as you would with any normal file.

Any file format can be stored in NAND / storage part of the EFA Linker II, but when in GBA or Nintendo DS you will not see the unsupported files. You can use it a USB Memory Key or maybe even boot a cut down version of KNOPIX from it (we didn't test that)

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Buy GBA Extreme Flash Advance at Jandaman - Price: $ 99.95 USD
Both Original EFA Linker and EFA Linker II can play GBA ROMs, Emulated games and NDS ROMs. Both version I & II can be used on GAMEBOY ADVANCE, GBA SP, GB Micro and Nintendo DS consoles. EFA can boot DS roms directly when as EFA II has a little trick to do it until the new updated version of the Loader is released.

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