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NDSPatcher Patch NDS ROMS
NDS Patcher v0.1 by ]{ain
Download NDSPatcher.exe

NDS Patcher v0.1 by ]{ain

Patch NDS ROMs to work on all DS compatible GBA Flash Cards

This program will patch a normal NDS ROMS - also known as Clean Dumps (ie. not a GST release) to allow them to load from a DS compatible GBA Flash Card instead of the usual NDS card. It also attempts to patch the saving functions so that the game can save on GBA flash cart's SRAM instead of using the NDS card's SRAM - simlar as Neo flash GBA_Save releases.

How to patch NDS Roms: (Instructions)

drag and drop

Drag-and-Drop the .nds file onto the NDSPatcher.exe file and it will patch automatically
New file "rom-name.nds.gba" will apera in the patcher directory.
Write this file to a GBA Flash Card -> Put it into NDS -> Plug PassMe into the DS slot -> PLAY!

nintendogs nds rom
Screenshots of X-Rom running commercial NDS ROMs

If you have FlashMe firmware modification on your console you don't need to use PassMe or its clones PassKey / MagicKey / SuperPass etc. In the above picture you can see that the console is lying flat on the table as there is no PassMe sticking out at the back.

If you know how to navigate in DOS:
ndspatch.exe <file to patch.gba> [options]

Click Start > Run
Type: cmd > Press Enter
Move the ndspatch.exe and the rom you want to patch into the directory specified in the command prompt (eg.Documents and settings/user/).
Type: ndspatch.exe <file to patch.nds>
Press Enter

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If the programs doesn't fail (sometimes it can't find the code to patch on some older releases), you will have a new file with .gba appended to it. Just flash this file on a GBA flash cart and you're all set. Looking through the text on the console will also tell you if it patched the saving code. If it did not patch it, be warned that if you save your game, it will overwrite any game that you currently have in your NDS card slot.

Currently the only option available is -nosave, which will skip the save function patching. This is only present because some games do not work properly with it.

Notes: First generation of GBA flash cart such as Flash Advance and Flash2Advance are not fast enough for the DS and will result in your gaming crashing at random. If you don't have a NDS card in your DS when you close the lid, it will start to rapidly go in and out of sleep mode. This should be fixed in the next version of NDSPatcher.

Castlevania works flawlessy. For 256Mbit => 32 Mega Byte card owners, it is possible to cut the file to exactly 32 megs. This will only cut part of the intro, so simply do not allow it to play wholly or the game will crash.

Advance Wars
Asphalt Urban GT
Feel The Magic
Madden 2005
Madden 2006
Mr Driller
Need For Speed Undeground 2
All 3 Nintendogs
Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends (USA)

0085 - Jump Super Stars (J)(Trashman).nds - menus work but hangs whe entering a level.

Compatibility: Now when we have had more time to play with NDS patch tool I can tell that there is no point in making a list of compatible NDS ROMS. 1. Most of the roms ARE compatible (~90-95%) and compatibility depends on the specific flash card you are using - so you should do some testing. What we will try to do is list NDSPatcher NDS roms that are known NOT SAVING and NOT WORKING.

If you patch nds roms via Command Prompt this is what you see.

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:\Documents and Settings\Lee>cd..
C:\Documents and Settings>cd..
C:\>cd roms
C:\ROMs>cd ds
C:\ROMs\DS>cd ndspatcher (Here I navigated to the dir where the ndspatcher is stored)

C:\ROMs\DS\NDSpatcher>ndspatch.exe 0089-Nintendogs.nds
NDS Patcher v0.1 by ]{ain
Checking if arm9 is compressed...Yes, decompressing...Done
Reindexing NDS...Done
Looking for CARDi_ReadRom signature...
Found at offset 0x00065de4
Looking for CARDi_ReadCard signature...
Found at offset 0x00065eb0
Looking for CARDi_ProgramBackupSyncCore signature...
Not found, skipping
Looking for CARDi_ProgramAndVerifyBackupSyncCore signature...
Not found, skipping
Looking for CARDi_ReadBackupSyncCore signature...
Found at offset 0x00065b94
Looking for CARDi_VerifyBackupSyncCore signature...
Not found, skipping
Looking for CARDi_WriteBackupSyncCore signature...
Not found, skipping
Looking for CARDi_WriteAndVerifyBackupSyncCore signature...
Found at offset 0x00065ab4
Writing patched NDS...All done


And here is some intercepted random NDSpatcher chatter :)

NDSPatcher edited roms DO work with the SD version of the Supercard, even with games that didn´t boot using the properitary patcher. (Lunar - Dragon Song for example)

Using the EFA 512mb + FlashMe, my current results are:

0001 - Electroplankton (J)(trashman) = Working
0036 - Daigasso! Band Brother (J)(gbxr) = Crashes on start-up
0043_-_Spiderman_2 (U)(BT) = Working
0051_-_Retro_Atari_Classics (E)(Wario) = Working
0074_-_Ganbare_Goemon_Toukai_Douchuu_(J)_(trashman) = Crashes after "Konami" boot sound
0079 - Bomberman (E)(Trashman)(b82c1a95) = Working
0085 - Jump Super Stars (J) = Menus seem to work, but game hangs when main game started
0090 - Nintendogs - Lab & Friends (USA)(Lube)(616f5d3f) = Working

EZ-Cart II Powerstar

0001 - Electroplankton (J)(Trashman) - works!
0002 - Need for Speed Underground 2 (U)(Trashman) - works!
0003 - Yoshi Touch and Go (U)(Trashman) - works!
0004 - Feel the Magic XY, XX (U)(Trashman) - works!
0005 - Wario Ware Touched! (U)(Trashman) - (mine bad dump)
0006 - Polarium (U)(Trashman) - works! (only with nds card in slot)
0007 - Puyo Pop Fever (J)(Trashman) - works!
0008 - Pac Pix (U)(Trashman) - works!
0009 - Space Invaders DS (J)(Wario) - works!
0010 - Cool 104 Joker & Setline (J)(Wario) - works!
0011 - Guru Guru Nagetto (J)(Wario) - don't work!
0012 - Asphalt Urban GT (U)(Wario) - works!
0013 - Yoshi Touch and Go (E)(Ety) - works!
0014 - Pac-Pix (E)(Ety) - works!
0052 - Another Code Two Memories (E)(Trashman) - not work! (bad dump)
0085_-_jump_super_stars_(j)(trashman) - not work!
0092 - Lunar Genesis (J)(trm) - works!
0094 - Akumajou Dracula - Aoitsuki No Juujika (J)(WRG) - not work!
0091 - Nintendogs Dachshund & Friends (U)(Lube) - works!

SuperCard users : Nintendogs failed to load at first. I then tossed a random greater than 2mb file into the same directory and named it nintendogsxxxwhatever.sav. Nintendogs LOADS and it SAVES to the .sav file. Even after copying over the Sram and leaving the power turned off for a few minutes, my dog was there to greet me again. I think this means that SuperCard will save a 2mb save file if it is being loading along with the rom, rather than using the saver menu and selecting a file (only writes the first 64kb). Non-save patched games will load .savs along with the NDS rom, but they will not save to them (maybe this is useful for games that simply require unlocking, such as Wario Ware or Feel the Magic).


NDSP Release Notes
NDS Roms on GBA Flash


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To run DS code from GBA slot you need a PassMe device like SuperPass, MK1 or PassKey

PassMe is HomeMade but there are ds keys that are manufactured and sold under similar names. They do exactly the same thing but are of higher quality. Also the are branded as to be used with SuperCard SD or CF or M3 or NeoFlash but in fact they are interchangeable and can be used will all DS compatible GBA Flash Card types.

super magic pass key

SuperPass DS

Neo Magic Key 1

MK2 NDS MagicKey 2

Soon to be released
G6/M3 PassKey DS





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