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gameboy afterburner internal lightGBA Afterburner internal light

Gameboy Advance Afterburner internal backlight is the best gba light you can get! It works just like a backlight for a cellular phone lighting the whole surface of the screen evenly - like no external light can. Plus it also save space because it fits inside the GBA casing!

You can buy GBA Afterburner as a separate kit - and install it yourself making your GBA same bright as SP but preserving the more comfortable ergonomic shape of Advance. Lik-Sang has started selling special mod cases for easy installing of afterburner.

Afterburner review : Installation tips (by GBoy)

Got my Afterburner yesterday - installed it and now I'm happy!

Took me ~2 hours to install Afterburner. Nintendo has tried hard to keep you out of your gameboy! you have to unscrew 6 tri-wing screws + 3 regular! (thank good I ordered a tri-wing screwdriver with my Afterburner)
When inside I was worried not to brake something in my precious gameboy! I bet most people are worried about it! You have to know that none of the LCD screen parts are NOT permanently attached to the casing. LCD and The front protective lens are glued with something like large amounts of POST-IT note glue, so to detach it you just have to gently start at one corner and from there it will give up..

Before you do anything READ the step-by-step Afterburner installation booklet that comes with the KIT ! It is near perfect except for where it explains how to cut the 2 sections of plastic from the GBA casing. The bigger one you have to cut "through the front casing". What I think they should have written is:
1. remove the front protective lens (the one with the Gameboy Advance written on it) That whey you will not damage it when cutting the casing. Just have to start at one corner and press the lens out.
2.Than you can take any sharp knife, scalpel or plastic-cutting tool to make place for the afterburner. If you try to do it without removing the lens it will take you a hell of a lot time plus you have a big chance of damaging the lens in the process, and than you will have to get a replacement lens..

Afterburner fits in the space between the LCD and the front Lens, and you wouldn't have to cut anything if it wasn't for the wiring at the bottom of the Afterburner :( You don't want to see it so its hidden in the space behind the black nontransparent part of the GBA Lens where GAMEBOY Advance logo is.

Soldering is plain and simple just follow the Pictures in the instructions manual.

See in the pictures my solution for a perfect ON/OFF switch for your GBA internal light!

My solution for a perfect ON / OFF switch.
Patents pending ;)

afterburner on/off swithch

I used a JUMPER from an old 486 mother board! I tried to find a perfect ON / OFF switch that would not interfere with any other GBA add-ons. The best place I found for it is on the back of the gameboy between the two batteries! [see it in the picture] . There is a peace of plastic that separates the batteries so i placed the switch next to it. Jumper is the smallest and most simple switch you can find! To turn it on you have to place the cup so that it connects the two pins / to turn OF just remove it and place it on one of the pins so you don't loose it! Simple and perfect ;)

gameboy backlight on/off

- you have to make two small holes.
(drill or poke it with a hot wire)
- put the jumper in and bend it on the other end so you accidentally don't pull it out.
- little super glue will melt the plastic of your GBA and the jumper to gather
- on the inside wire it so that the jumper is in the middle of the black wire (GND)

To turn the Afterburner on or off you have to take out one of the batteries, but it is a small price to pay. With installation like this if you have the light turned off no one will even notice you have modified your Game boy!

afterburner preinstalled

This is just to show you that Afterburner works turned on in a dark room...

When you see it in the dark only once it makes it all clear - you need it ;)

So my conclusion is - Afterburner rocks! Nothing can beat it in the dark.. BUT installation is not easy and if you have never done anything like this don't. Find someone who you trust and who can install the back light for you.

Afterburner Installation manual

Buy GBA Afterburner Kit

Buy Gameboy with Pre-Installed GBA Afterburner Kit inside!

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