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ez-flashGBA EZ- Client software drivers for EZ-Flash

EZ-Flash EZ-Client for EZ-Write ;) EZ

Windows98, 2000, XP:

Client Classic English version 1.07c: Download

ez-client gba ez-flash

Client Transparent English version 1.07c: Download
Client Transparent Simplified Chinese version 1.07c: Download
Client Transparent Japanese version 1.07c: Download

Windows driver version 1.20 for Client 1.07b and 1.07c: Download

1. Support for zip file added
2. Some minor bugs fixed

Client Classic English version 1.07b: Download
Client Classic Simplified Chinese version 1.07b: Download
Client Transparent English version 1.07b for new transparent cartridge: Download
Client Transparent Simplified Chinese version 1.07b for new transparent cartridge: Download

1. New saver banks for new cart, new cart's saver bank reduced to 32kbit
2. support for long game name has been cancelled to support hard reset. New A button for soft reset and B button for hard reset in loader.
3. Verifying function modified to be suitable for new cart
4. Confirmation dialog added when backup and update ALL saver

Software Installation

The software installation including driver installation and application installation, both are easy.

1. Driver installation. Download the driver pack suitable for your OS, unzip the files in the driver pack to any directory you want. Plug on the EZ-Writer, your PC will mention you that new USB device found. When it notice you to install the driver, browse to the directory where you unzipped the driver files and offer PC the ezwriter.inf file. Then your PC will handle rest works and finally the LED on your EZ-Writer will light and turn to green from red to inform you that it's ready to work. Till now, you may delete the unzipped driver files.

If your PC don't mention you new USB device found when you plugged you EZ-Writer on for the first time, it may be your PC's failure or the On board USB option is disabled in the BIOS settings of your PC, please install the driver after your PC's USB host works properly. It's no use to install the driver when your PC has not found the EZ-Writer device.

2?Application installation. Download the newest version of EZ-Client, it can work on Windows98/2K/XP. unzip the files into any directory you like, then it can work now, no installation proccess, and the Client won't do any Windows registry operation.

Software Manual


EZ-Client is EZ-Flash's dedicated Windows application, it needs to work with EZ-Flash's Windows driver, it won't do any work without the driver properly installed.
EZ-Client can auto detect EZ-Writer and Cart, it can tell you if the Writer is pluged properly and if work normally, if there is any cartriage in Writer and what cartriage is mount. All these information will be shown on the bottom of the EZ-Client window. And the game(s) in the cart will be shown in the main grid. If EZ-Cart plugged, Client will allow you to do all work, but if other cartriage plugged, only backup function is allowed.
When you run EZ-Client for the first time, a dialog will appear to let you designate a directory as default ROM directory. This directory is important, the whole cart update or backup operations can't function properly if you designated the dirctory wrong. We suggest you put all your ROMs into this directory and keep the directory clear, not changed frequently. If you want to change the directory, you should delete the Client.ini file and restart the program to designate a new directory, or you can edit the Client.ini file directly.

Main Grid

This is the main part of EZ-Client window, it shows you the content of your cart and games you edited. Column definitions below:

1. Sync column. It shows if this row has been updated to cart. It will show you an asterisk if this row has not been written to cart yet. After you update the grid to cart, the asterisk will disappear, denoting this row has been synchronized with cart.

2. File name column. It content the ROM file name of current game, it usually inform you what file you added before update, after you refresh the content of the grid, it will disappear cause the programs on the cart have had no connections with ROM files any longer.

3. Game name column. Game name is shown here. This is an important column, because it is also used as game name displayed in the loader on GBA and default file name when you backup this game to your PC. When you add a ROM file, this column shows the original name of the game, it should be 12 characters most. If you are not satisfied with this name, you can modify it by double-click this grid cell, 31 characters most. Notice you can only modify the name of the game that has not been written, you can't do any modify to game that has been written to cart. When you rename the game, make sure that the game name is accordant to the Whindows file naming principle, or it can't be backupped properly when you use backup whole cart function. Another thing you should to know is though you can use Chinese or other lanuage in game name, and it can be displayed properly in EZ-Client, but it won't be displayed in EZ-Loader, only English is supported by the loader till now.

4. ROM size. This column show you the space the game occupied after trim and intro remove(if you selected it). the unit is KByte(1024bytes). This column is read-only.

5. Saver size. This column show you the saver size of the game. Usually EEPROM saver take 16Kbyte, SRAM saver take 32Kbyte and FLASH saver take 64Kbyte. I was told some SRAM saver games take 64Kbyte too, but I don't know this clearly, now 32Kbyte work for all games I know. This column can be modified too. When a game surely have a saver but displayed as 0K when you add it, means it has used a non-standard saver that can't be recognized by EZ-Client. This situation is often met with third-party GBA applications, but some official game use non-standard saver too, like the game 'Fire Emblem Sealed Sword' and 'Castlevania - White Night Concerto'. In this situation you may double-click the saver size cell to choose a new saver size, usually 32K is enough, but some third-party applications as PocketNES assigns a fixed saver space to every game in it, so the saver size of it must be calculated according to how many games it contains. same as game name, this column can only be modified before update to cart. ATTENTION, it's dangerous that a game with saver has not be assigned saver space or assigned saver space is not enough, it may overlap other games' saver when you save this game cause no saver space has been assigned to it.

Menu items

1. Add. Add ROMs to the grid. Multi selection is allowed when choose file from the file open dialog box. If EZ-Client detected the ROM added is not a valid GBA program or no enough space to contain the ROM, it will be ignored. Notice the auto intro remove function takes effect when you add the ROM, that means it won't affect the added games to changed this setting. You can only modify the game name and the saver size after add. Another limitation is game always added at the tail of the game list, you can't insert game from middle of the list. If you refresh the list before update, all not updated edit will be discarded.

2. Remove. This function delete a game in the list once. It can only delete game from the tail of the list, too. Indeed, add and remove functions just do edit work of the grid, they don't perform any read or write operation of cart. So if you have removed a game by accident, don't worry, it is still there before you write a new game at the same position, when you click the 'Refresh', you can find the game appear again.

3. Update... Only this item perform write operation, sub item definitions below:

1. Update All ROMs. Update the whole cart to be synchronized with the content of the grid. if the file to be updated is .ezf file, the saver in the ezf file will be written to cart also. When updating, the status bar below will show you the progress. If updating from the first row of the grid, the Client will rewrite the loader first, it's the BL.bin file in the same directory of Client.exe, if this file is missing, updating operation can't perform properly.

2. Update Only All Savers. When u perform this operation, to every game in the grid, the Client will search for the .ezf and .sav file that has the same name as the game name in the default ROM directory, and write the saver in .ezf or .sav file to corresponding game saver space. If the corresponding .ezf or .sav file not found, then the game will be ignored. Notice the Client don't know which saver is newer between the ezf/sav file and the saver on cart, so be careful of being overlapped by older saver in your backup file.

3. Update Only Current Saver. This item let you update the saver of current highlighted game in grid from a .ezf or .sav file. First a file open dialog box will pop up to let you choose the file, it update the saver from the file you choose after you commit.

4. Auto Remove Intro. This item have nothing to do with updating cart, it's only a option that take effect when you add a ROM. Many ROMs have been added useless dumpper intro, it's boring and will enlarge the ROM size, so you can let the Client to remove them when you add ROMs by checking this option. But many third-party applications like PocketNES and some cheat code added games can't run properly with this setting, so you should not check this option if your game can't work with this. Notice this is not a global option, it only takes effect when you add games, that means you can add a game without intro remove first, then you can check this option and add other games, the first game will not be affect by the sequent setting change.

4. Backup... Backup the contents in your cart to your PC, sub item definitions below:

1. Backup All ROMs. This operation will backup all the games on your cart. For every game, it will backup as a ezf file with same name of the game name into the default ROM directory. If game name don't obey Windows file Naming principle, it can't be backupped by this operation. the ezf file is EZ-Flash's backup file format, it contains a complete ROM image and it's saver in one file(if it has). It is more convenience to use than .gba or .bin file, and to most games, the ezf file size is smaller than .gba file. To non EZ-Cart, this operation will backup it as a 8Mbyte .gba ROM file with the same name as the game name in default ROM directory, Capacity selection will be added at later version. This operation is the only operation you can perform to non EZ-Cart at current version.

2. Backup Current ROM. The highlighted game in the grid will be backupped as ezf format file. In this operation, you can choose file name and path for the backup file, but no matter what file extension you use, it will always be backupped as ezf format indeed.

3. Backup Only All Savers. Every on cart game's saver will be backupped to the default ROM directory. To games that have backupped ezf file in the directory, Client will update the saver part of the ezf file; To games that have no corresponding backupped file, the saver will be backupped as .sav file, same name of the game name.

4. Backup Only Current Saver. This operation will backup the highlighted game's saver to a file. It will let you choose a file for backup. If you choose a ezf file, Client will update the saver part of the file, if the chosen ezf file doesn't exist, Client will abort the operation, if the chosen ezf file is not current game's backup, Client will backup the saver wrong that cause the file damaged; If other file chosen, Client will directly write the saver from the beginning of the file.

5. Refresh. It will refresh the grid to be synchronized with the content of the cart, all edit that have not been updated will be discard. This operation will be automatically performed when you pull off or plug on cart.

6. About. This program is dedicated for EZ-Flash, you can download, copy and distribute it freely, but the right to do any modification or commercial action on this program is reserved by author, including the loader BL.bin and the device driver. Thanks for all.



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