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Gameboy Flash Advance Cards (also 4 GBA SP)

gba flash cards advanceGameboy roms for GB games are what MP3 files are for Music. Flash Advance Cards are Just like a ReWritable CDs, Memory Stick from Sony, or like a Smart Card or Smart Media Card you are using for your MP3 Player, it will simply hold the game data in it's Flash Memory. Once you have sent games, demos or programs to it's memory using the Flash Advance Linker, it can simply be plugged into the Gameboy Advance and it will act like an original game - there is 100 percent not any difference!

Flash Advance Card will also allow you to store savegame data. This means once you've opened a lot of levels or you got some extra points in your game, you won't need to start from the scratch - it will save the game status just like an original cartridge with the game. Savegame data can be stored on your local PC Harddrive too, so you won't loose any data when you are using the flash card for other games.

Flash Advance Card can be re-written, feel free to use as often as you like, just the same like any other Flash Card on the market (Smart Media, Memory Stick etc.).

The Flash Advance Card is furthermore the perfect choice for any professional Gameboy Advance developersor even home developers - Create your own games using your PC (free software is available) and simply use the Flash Advance Card to show your game/demo to friendsor test it on real Hardware. If you believe it or not, even large software companies are developing their games using exactly this Hardware and this methods.

Also if you own one of the old Gameboy COLOR units or GB B/W you can use GBA Flash Card plugged into GB-Bridge adapter to play GB and GBC roms! You also need GBBridge to play gbc roms on Game Boy Advance.

One of the coolest features of a Flash Card is that you can run 3rd party software on it - that includes emulators of other Video Game systems > NES roms SEGA roms Z80 and more...

Update: All GBA Flash Cards are GBA SP compatible! Gameboy Advance SP inside is the same as GB Advance - only the shape of the new SP is different and the screen is backlit! details

64M64M Card
64M Ready to go set
[up to 2 gba games]

128M128M Card
128M Ready to go set
[up to 4 gba games]

256M256M Card
256M Ready to go set
[up to 8 gba games]

512M512M Card
512M Ready to go set
[up to 16 gba games]

1Gig1G Card
1G Ready to go set
[up to 32 gba games]

out of stock

GB Bridge adapter for GBC romsGB Bridge adapter
Makes FA Cards Gameboy Color compatible! Also lets you Play GBC roms on GB Advance

Just like you need a CD Recorder to write MP3 to CD or an adapter to write files to Memory Stick you will have to use Flash Advance Linker - adapter that lets you write and read Gameboy cartridges!

GBA Flash Linker

New Xtreme cards

The things you can do with GBA Flash Card

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You can BUY Gameboy Flash Linker and FA Xtreme Cards and GBA Accessories in one of the following online shops. We have tested - ordered stuff from all of them. They all are reliable and have Secure Site Certificates, Secure connection for shopping carts and orders can be Tracked Online. Remember that you have to pay for shipping so look for the best Price + Shipping combo!
Name: Details: Shipping:
Jandaman Sells Gameboy F2Advance Linker and Mod-Chips for all modern consoles. Can pay with CreditCard or PayPal Worldwide

GameBoy / GBA SP Flash Linker specialists. EZ-Flash USB, F2A, XG-Flash 64/128/256M Flash2Advance and XG2 Turbo sets always in stock!

EasyBuy2000 A trustworthy shop for GBA, GBASP, PS2 and XBOX that. Good prices and fast/cheap shipping to USA, CA and the rest of the world. Worldwide

Specializes in XBOX and PS2 Mod Chips and GameBoy Flash Linkers like EZ2 PS and EZFA.



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gba x-rom gameboy xrom

Buy GBA XROM Flash Linker and 512 M cartridge here »

On the 512M X-ROM Flash Card you can store up to 32 gba roms at the same time. Play them on GBA SP free

The cheapest rom backup device you can get!

And YES you can use this card for playing NES roms SEGA Game Gear and Master System roms. Running PC Engine and all the other emulators as well as VDEO and Audio files, Sideshows and e-Books

GBAnet XROM review »




The new Cartridges and Linkers for GBA rom backup

GBA Elink (DS Lite)

  EZF Advance Relatime Cart

  XG-Flash Card & USB Linker

  Flash2Advance USB

XG2 Turbo & XG2T Link




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