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Nintendo DS Accessories

ac adapter usa europe uk

AC Adapters for USA and Europe

The good news are that GBA SP AC adapters are fully compatible with Nintendo DS so if your adapter is broken, lost or you need one for when you travel look for either SP or DS adapter.

screen protector

Dual Screen Protector

Protect your DS screens from minor scratches, dust and finger prints . Screen protector, with a textured surface, adheres instantly to your DS screen to protect against scratches

potectors cases

ds carying casesNintendo Cases & Protectors

You need these is you wan 't to protect your precious DS when it is carried around and might accidentally fall. Our favorite is Airform Pocket DS protective carry case and NDS Carry Bag . Prices ranging from $7 to $15 USD. Read our reviews of DS Carrying Cases

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards
nds stylus pack

Stylus 3-Pack

If you already lost the ones that came with the NDS - Three pack of official Nintendo DS Stylus. Allows for far much greater accuracy when compared to using a finger on the touch screen.

usb recharger cable

USB Recharger Cable

Recharge your Nintendo DS or GBA SP through any USB port (also Notebook computers) Doesn't need an additional power supply. Can be used in any country of the world. Portable, Lightweight. Recharges completely in less than 3h

movie player

Movie Player (Compact Flash Card adapter)

For GBA and NDS. Can play Movies, MP3, Sideshows, Text files and even some (under 2Mbit) emulated NES and GB roms!
Soon to come Play-Yan (MP3 / MPEG4 Player) Secure Digital SD / MMC card adapter for those who don't have CF cards.

ds tv tuner

Nintendo DS TV Tuner

For Nintendo DS and GBA SP. Officially licensed accessory. Requires 4 AAA batteries - 6 hours playback with 1 set of batteries. NTSC.
Many people were Dreaming about it!

replacement battery

Replacement Battery Pack

Official Nintendo made DS batteries are great but you can save some money by using a replacement GBA SP battery or 3rd party Li-Ion NDS battery pack. Great for long travels of if your battery is getting weak.


DS Headphones

These over-the-ear style headphones feature the Nintendo DS brand on each side, and with a weight of just 37 grams, are perfect for listening on the go.

nintendo flash cards

GBA Flash Cards for Nintendo DS

And lets not forget BACKUP DEVICES for use with Nintendo DS. Still waiting for NDS roms to come out but until them you can play GBA roms on NDS using GBA Flash Cards.

Also the only way to play GB COLOR games on Nintendo DS is using emulator and Flash Linker because DS is not compatible with GBC cartridges. Movies, Music, eBooks, Sideshows 3rd party games and emulated NES SNES SEGA PCE Z80 roms etc.

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To learn more about NDS Accessories visit and our Nintendo DS page.



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