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Nintendo DS compatibilty with GBA Flash Backup Cards

Roms and Emu on GBA Flash Cards & Nintendo DS

What we tested.
At this point there is NO NDS Flash Card or Linker made specificly for backup of Nintendo DS Roms so we have tested the compatibilty of Gameboy Advance Backup devices with the NDS.
At this point we looked at the most simpele and at the same time the most important things.

  • Can you play Games from "GBA Flash Card name..."
  • Does the Card & Linker backup set works with Nintendo DS

These gameboy linkers and card will not play Nintendo DS roms and you can't backup NDS Roms using GBA Backup device but you can play Gameboy Advance Roms on DS as well as emulate GB, GBC, NES, SNES, PC Engine, Z80, SEGA Game Gear and Master System roms etc.

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards

How we tested.

Just to be sure all the Linkers and Carts were first connected to GBA SP and after we made sure they work - we put them to the DS test..

G6flash G6 Loader Games and G6PDA software all works fine.
EFA Linker I & II Works like a charm. Speed and menus the same as on GB.
GBA X-ROM Works perfectly the same as on Gameboy Adv. & SP
EZ2 PowerStar Works nicely and saves DS battery power.
EZ-Flash 2 EZ-Cart Works nicely and the cartridge fits perfectly.
EZ-Flash (1st Gen) Works as it should. [Start GBA game.]
GBA QBus / QBoy Works on Advance, SP and NDS.
XG-Flash Works as it should. [Start GBA game.]
XG2 Lite Works as it should. [Start GBA game.]
XG2 Turbo All works nice
XG2T Plus Works nice - and you can change battery without taking the XG2T cartridge out of the console :)
XG-Flash (1st Gen) Works as it should. Start GBA game.
GBA ECube 1G Start GBA game opens Game selection screen same as on GB
EZF Advance EZFA Card works
Flash Advance Card Works fine If you can make the card fit perfectly
(we had to take it apart - but after that it worked)
Flash2Advance Same as FlashAdvance Pro card mentioned above
F2A Ultra Works the same as it does on GBA. No modification needed.
GB-Bridge Doesn't fit inside NDS - GBA Game Pack Slot.
(DS cartridge port is shaped NOT to accept GB/GBC games cartridges as they will not work on it - same with GB-Bridge.)
GBA Link Works. Unzip speed the same as before - slow.

After we updated G-Bank Firmware from Version 2.0 to V3.12 [Download] it started working on NDS! (Thanks Teo)
Got something new! [ There is a DS Option Pak inserted ]
Have no idea what that means.

Wise Card Most of the times NDS fails to recognize the cartridge and you get [ There is no Game Pak inserted.] We did manage to get it boot once - the next time we reinserted the card in to the DS same NO Game. And the whole time it did work perfectly if we put it into ADVANCE or SP.
GBA Movie Player * Both the original version and the new improved version works on Nintendo DS. NOT for GBA ROMS - NES roms and also small GB roms work!
EZ-Flash 3 EZ3 -- will be tested later (users report that it works)
NDS Neo Flash 3in1 Well what do you think ;) Ofcourse it works because it was designed to be used as NDS dev kit. Together with the PassMe = Magic Key mod this is the first card compatible with commercial nds roms. (others run Demos and Homebrew)


Colors Explained

  Suggested for use with NDS. Card & Linker Works   Card can be used on DS but Linker requires GBA   Failed - if you don't have a Gameboy don't buy this!

* GBA Movie Player is not a GBA or DS Backup device. The latest bios update to the device makes it possible to play NES roms from Compact Flash cards and we ave figured out a way to lunch emulated GB roms but the main purpose of the Movie Player is to play Video and Audio.
(if you would like to WIN one of 5 Movie Players we have to offer <<< go here)


NDS Flash Linkers

As you see most of the carts work with NintendoDS but now comes that bad new - Nintendo has decided NOT to include GBA Link port [EXT.1] on DS. What this means is that you can not use Linkers that were made to connect to GBA/SP multiplayer link port with NDS.


DS no GBA multiplayer link

If you have Flash2Advance USB, X-ROM, XG2 Turbo, G6flash, EZFA or ECube Linker
You will need GB ADVANCE or GBA SP for writing roms to the card.

If you don't have a Gameboy you need one of the folowing External Writers / Linkers:

  • EZ-Flash, EZflash 2
  • EZ2 PowerStar or EZ 3 writer
  • GBA QBus - QBoy
  • XG-Flash series external writer
  • Extreme Flash Advance card that has the built in USB port.

    (No longer produced)
  • Flash Advance, FA Pro,
  • FA Xtreme Linker
external gba flash writers


From our tests you can see that most of the GBA Flash Cards can be used on Nintendo DS. If you have bought a backup device for GBA - don't trow away your gameboy as chances are you will have to use it for writing roms - no link port on DS. If you have NDS and want a flash card for GBA, GB Color, SNES, NES roms etc. - look at the Sets with the External Writers!

(we do hope that somebody will come up with a way of linking PC to Nintendo DS usind WiFi router so we can write roms over wireless connection!)

What we learned.

In GB ADVANCE and old GAME BOY™ is the Nintendo logo didn't apear you knew that the game pak is not fully inserted - with the NDS you will allways see the NintendoDS screan before getting the menu where you see if you can start a NDS Game / PictoChat / DS Download Play / Start Advance game...

DS Option Pak

[ There is a DS Option Pak inserted ] Nintendo has suggested that there could be accessories for NDS that will use the gameboy cartridge slot to conect to DS - could this message be a sign of our DS thinking that such an accessorey / option pack is added? DS Rumble packs anyone?

[Thanks for these shots go to our friend Jay]


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NDS Patcher for playing DS roms on old GBA Flash Card

PassMe "mod-chip" and new Neo Flash for NDS homebrew game devolpment

Elink DS Lite for GBA roms




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