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New GAMEBOY 2010?

Nintendo has just announced the new 3DS console, but what we are really waiting for is one final Game Boy™ "Collectors Edition" Super Game Boy console for the old games. Yes - the forgotten 3rd pillar that Nintendo talked so much about when the first NDS just came out and they didn't know how big it will be... See the latest DSi and Nintendo 3DS no longer have backward compatibility with games in GBA cartridges. And even NDS and DS Lite that had a Gameboy cartridge slot (SLOT-2) were not compatible with Gameboy Classic and GAMEBOY Color titles. And strangely enough there are no DSi WARE GBA or GAMEBOY classic games. So in our daydreaming we see one final GB super console with the following features:

  • backward compatible with GAMEBOY, GBC and GBA games
  • comfortable shape similar to the GameBoy ADVANCE, but with a bigger backlit screen
  • Built-in wireless + multiplayer link cable adapters for playing GB, GBC and GBA games
  • Built in storage for Downloadable content and game backup
  • Ability to backup games from cartridges to the internal memory for easy travel
  • WiFi and 3G for simple online shopping in GameBoy STORE and purchasing / downloading the titles that we don't have in cartridges

Don't think that it is too much to ask, as none of the technology mentioned doesn't already exist in Nintendo made consoles and with all the nostalgia and millions of Pokemon funs out there N is bound to make millions if they ever release this beast we dreamed up ;)


* untill Nintendo remeber the GAMEBOY generation we are reduced to using emulators for playing GB, GBC, NES, SNES and GBA games on DSi ...



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