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GAMEBOY micro™ and GBA Flash Cards

Are GBA Flash Cards compatible with GB MICRO?

Yes - MOST of them do, but GAMEBOY micro do to its small size comes with a new GB LINK port. Old accessories need an adapter to connect to it. We didn't have the Game Boy micro Converter Cable that would let us connect to the micro via GBA Link port so Flash Linkers like GBA X-ROM will  be tested later when we have the adapter. We did test all the GBA Flash cards that we had in the office but keep in mind that on some of them ROMS were flashed using GBA and SP both of which have the old Link port. (supposedly the adapter will be available in stores in mid November and we will try to get it for testing ASAP)

EFA Linker I & II

Yes and out #1 choice for GB MICRO. EFA Flash Card is the same size as Nintendo GBA carts and the Linker is the smallest there can be. EFA Linker - USB cable connects directly to the USB port that is built into the cart! Works best with software but when you travel it can be used without any installation or drivers.

efa linker 2

G6flash 1 & 2nd
G6 Flash 3rd

G6 Flash cards of all generations work with GBM. G6flash writer is compact and that is important if you want to carry it with you. Bets looking menus and same as EFA can be used without installing but same roms will not retain save games this way. (First generation GBA LINK port G6 has not been tested - we are missing the converter cable)

g6flash g6

EZ-Flash 2, EZ3, EZ4
EZ2 PowerStar

EZ2, EZ3 and EZ2PS (PowerStar) work nicely. Old style USB Linker as you can see is nearly as big as the micro itself, but being an external standalone linker it does what it is supposed to do and is Micro and Nintendo DS compatible.

ez2 powerstar ez3 ez4
SuperCard SD (Secure Digital adapter) Oversized cart sticks out of the Micro. Other than that all works fine.
M3 perfect CF and SD Adapter Oversized cart sticks out of the GBM. Both versions work on Micro and NDS.
GBA QBus / QBoy Works but the cart has limitations and the Linker/Writer is BIG like GBA.
NDS Neo Flash 3in1 Expensive kit but works for all consoles
Flash Advance Card Good old cards that will not let you down.

XG-Flash &
EZ-Flash 1st Gen

If you have them they will work but do to outdated hardware not suggest for new users to buy these first gen sets.
G-BANK SD Way too big for the micro. GBM looks pregnant with it ;)
F2A Ultra with USB Writer Need to use the set with the new Writer.
GBA ECube 1G
EZF Advance
Card works Linker needs GBA LINK port
GBA X-ROM Card works Linker needs GBA LINK port
XG2 Turbo XG2T Plus Card works Linker needs GBA LINK port
Flash2Advance Ultra F2A USB Linker add F2A USB Writer and it will work.
GBA Link Card works Linker needs GBA LINK port
SuperCard CF (Compact Flash version) Even with the latest SC firmware installed some game ROMs don't load, Some Carsh after loading. (at the same time works fine on SP and DS)
Wise Card Fails to load anything.
GB-Bridge Obviously doesnt work as Micro doesnt support GBC carts and that is what the Bridge tries to emulate.
GBA Movie Player  


Colors Explained

  Suggested for use with GAMEBOY Micro.
Card & Linker Works
  can be used on MICRO but Linker requires GBA Link Port (will be tested later)   Failed - Didn't boot or games freeze on startup. Cant be used...



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