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m3 perfect adapter dsNDS M3 perfect Adapter

Nintendo DS Movie Player 3 CF SD Flash Adapter

Price: ~90 USD
Tested by GBAnet: NO
Buy M3 perfect-SD

The world's first SD/CF card for NDS has been developed successfully.

Certain businessmen announced that their products are the first SD/CF card for NDS, but it is unreal and misleading . NEOFlash is the first burning cart on the home market, and M3 is the first SD/CF card for NDS. We had already succeeded in developing M3 and had issued the news about M3 about 2 months ago. M3-GBA version can be entered into NDS mode, and it can operate real NDS games .It can really play NDS games on the NDS console after the software and roms are granted later. '

Buy M3 perfect-SD + NDS PassKey at Divineo - Price: $ 89.95 USD
Buy M3 perfect-CF + NDS PassKey at Divineo - Price: $ 89.95 USD
Buy M3 CF & SD adapter at - Price: €95 EUR

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards

This isn't your standard GBA Movie Player. The M3, unlike other CF/SD products, has been specifically tailored to the hardware of the NDS. Our device runs in real DS mode so you'll never have to watch movies on a cropped screen again! And did we mention it plays games too? Different versions of M3 Adapter will be available

GBA-SD & GBA-CF supports NDS homebrew and .NDS files.
NDS-SD & NDS-CF supports NDS homebrew, .NDS files, and NDS games.

M3perfectNEWS UPDATE: it looks like GBalpha has decide to update the name of the new Movie Player to M3 perfect with 2 version CF-Adapter and SD-Adapter, so that we end up with a M3 perfect-CF / M3 perfect-SD Adapter ;) Kind of like GB Advance SP Mini. M3 perfect and Passkey will be released on August 30th with perfect Movie, perfect GBA and perfect NDS features. So what can I say. Only one word comes to my mind Per... ouch - repeating to much :) In other news the name of G6flash has not been perfected - still G6.

The M3 Adapter is one of the most powerful GBA(SP) and NDS accessories on the market. We use a standard CF/SD card so you'll never have to worry about capacity again. Our device allows you to watch movies, listen to music, browse pictures, read e-books, and even play games! And our on-board Real-Time-Clock insures that every GBA game is compatible, unlike those other adapters. We've also gotten rid of the slowdown, so all the titles run at their real speeds.

movie player advance 3 m3

  1. It can compatible with all GBA games and can run all games normally, never show with white screen or any drag condition when playing.


  2. The Save compatibility is very good. It support all save types and with the RTC function. Unlike other always cannot save normally.


  3. It is inexpensive, and the price is just the half of Flash Card with the same capacity on the present market.


  4. Its extension capacity is very flexible and can reach 32Gbit (4GByte) on the market.


  5. GOLDEN FINGER (CHEAT Code ) employs the IPS system that prevails in the world, with more diverse and powerful distinctive functions than CHT. Our unique Auto IPS feature completely avoids computer crash.


  6. With unique Super Real Time Save Function, easily operate and it can revive without limits.


  7. CF/SD card +Reader can be used as a U disk and it only needs drag here and there when the game is burning.


  8. It can save resource. CF/SD Card can use as a digital camera etc digital products, and you can save expenses.


  9. It can support GBA Games, FC games, Emulator games, GBA Movies, E-book, Cartoon books, browse pictures, enjoy music and so on.


  10. It can support 4-key reboot to Rom menu function, and support 4-key reboot beginning function.


  11. It is different from other products and it never damage  CF/SD card.

Download DS Roms for M3i ZERO, R4i DS and R4 DSi.
Play Nintendo NDS ROMs on Lite & DSi or new XL with R4i v 1.4 flash card.
Emulate GAMEBOY on DSi with GBA emulator and iPlayer microSD card adapter.

New Nintendo DS Flash Linkers and NDS ROM backup tools:
EFA2 Linker II : DS Neo Flash : MagicKey2 : G6 Flash 3 G6flash : Nintendo SuperCard DS


M3 Perfect DS flash cards do not work on the new updated DSi console, and firmware updates do not help, but there is a new generation of nds rom backup tools that work on DSi:
R4i SDHC, SuperCard DSONEi, AceKard 2i, iTouch2, DSTTi and EZ-Flash Vi. In addition to being compatible with all versions of the DS they can now work with SDHC cards that can hold as man as 32GB of nds roms. (Older model microSD cards have a 2GB memory size limit).

When ordering pick a store near you so you get a free delivery and fast shipping.

Buy DSi Flash Cards ( USA & CA )
Buy R4i SDHC Cards ( UK & EU )

reviews of all stores we have tested

M3 Adapter GAB DS Movie Player 3
Soon to come...
Movie Player 3 Review
M3 perfect Software


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