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gba tv tunerGBA TV Tuner

This gameboy add-on turns it into a Portable TV tuner / Color Monitor. It lets you to watch your favorite TV shows on the handheld. The tuner can also be connected to existing DVD players, other video game systems or any video/audio source via the A/V port. LCD control allows adjustment of screen colour, brightness and contrast. From the on screen menu you can also turn on or off video input/output. 99 programs can be stored in the memory for easy access. Both NTSC and PAL versions are available.

Warning: because of the shape of the new GBA SP the tv tuner doesn't fit it. There will be an updated version of the tuner that will be compatible with the SP.

Product Features:

  • 99 TV Channels Channels can be stored with the GBA TV Tuner software.
  • Telescopic Antenna
  • Antenna IN Jack (to connect an external antenna)
  • Mini-Spider (Trivet) Included
  • Built in speakers
  • Video and Audio In/Out jack to connect an external video/audio source
  • LCD Control allows changing LCD color, brightness and contrast
  • Earphone / Speaker out Jack

Package Contents:

GBA TV Tuner
Mini-Spider (Trivet)

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Testing it with GameCube!

Play GameCube games on GBA screen

Additional Information:

Technical Specification.

  • Battery: AA x 4 (optional)
  • Battery play time: about 150 minutes for 4 AA batteries of 1800ma hour rechargeable and 90 minutes for normal alkaline batteries
  • Power consumption: about 560MA while watching TV and about 290MA in monitor mode
  • DC in jack: attached a AC to DC adapter (output DC 5V regulated,800ma, central point negative), different versions available : Japan 100V version or US 110V version or England 230V version or Euro 230V version
  • Antenna : attached a 68cm telescopic antenna
  • Antenna In jack: yes, a RF cable adaptor attached
  • Video and Audio In/Out jack : yes, a A/V cable adaptor attached (mono audio,using the same jack for Video and Audio connection and In/Out controlled by TV Advance software)
  • Mini spider (trivet) attached
  • Ear-phone jack: yes
  • Resolution: 240 x 160
  • Speaker and Volume tuning : yes, built in
  • Brightness and Contrast and colour control: yes, by TV Tuner software
  • TV channels: 99 channels can be chosen and 99 channels can be saved in it
    Two version (PAL or NTSC TV system) available (the PAL version is fully compatible with all PAL TV systems: I, D/K, B/G -- switchable by TV Tuner software)
  • Both PAL and NTSC video input acceptable (monitor mode)


gameboy advance tv tuner     gameboy tv tunertv tuner for gameboy  

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