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gba tv tunerGBA TV Tuner

Gameboy Advance TV Tuner
Fresh out of Asia is one of the first devices that lets you watch TV on the GBA.

The Game Boy Advance and its LCD screen is an open invitation for ambitious companies to create devices that allow players to watch television on the system. Having the ability to watch television on a handheld game system is definitely not a new thing; both Sega's Game Gear portable and NEC's TurboExpress units offered tuner adapters for about a hundred dollars each. Since these peripherals weren't exactly hot sellers, though, both Sega and NEC only produced a limited number of fact, when Sega modified the Game Gear hardware for future systems (a common practice to reduce manufacturing costs), the TV tuner was incompatible.

Which makes it obvious to see why Nintendo hasn't exactly leapt at the opportunity to create an adapter for its Game Boy Advance system. But at least it opens the gates for third-party manufacturers to pounce on the niche market.

The simplistically-named GBA TV Tuner (AKA Pelican GBA TV Tuner) has been available from your favorite import house for months now. It's an Asian-built unit that's available in two versions: NTSC and PAL. Both versions will accept any composite signal from a VCR, camcorder, or video game system, but the specific versions will only be able to pick up aerial signals in their territory. In other words, you won't pick up local US channels through the antenna with a PAL version.

US peripheral distributor EasyBuy2000 has picked up this unit for North American distribution.

gba tv tuner   gameboy advance with tv tuner

One of the biggest issues with the TV Tuner is, well, its size.Tuner is as big as the GameBoy Advance itself, doubling the size when it's plugged into the GBA system. It requires its own set of four AA batteries in order to work, and it requires a GBA game to be plugged into the slot in order to work (it steals the boot sequence from the "official" GBA games so it can load its software into memory). You can opt for a 4.5v AC adapter to supply the power (it is included in the package)

If you don't have a decent signal in your area, all you're going to get is snow...until you use the D-pad to change stations, maneuvering the antenna in the proper direction to strenthen the image. You can also switch over to the Monitor In setting, where you'll be able to plug in any video device that utilizes RCA plugs. We, of course, had to test the unit with the GameCube and Super Mario Sunshine.

gba tv tuner in action   mario sunshine on gba

GBA TV Tuner in action

mario looks good on gameboy   tv tuner adjust contrast

The display doesn't skip any frames...the animation and refresh is just as smooth as if you were playing it on your television. For the contrast and brightness you have the ability to change the settings by holding down the start button and fiddling with the up/down and A/B combinations in order to get the most optimal picture.

Of course, I had to check out what movies looked like, so I popped in a couple DVDs into a player. Again, the refresh rate is fantastic...the picture near perfect but as you know you for GBA you need the best light possible.

pelican tv tuner   gameboy pelican tv

gba pelican tv tuner   blaze tv tuner gba

I did try playing my Afterburner-enhanced Game Boy Advance with the TV Tuner, and the picture was definitely nice, the Afterburner's tendency to turn the picture a bit light blue did make the image more washed out than when the GBA was under direct lighting.

play gc using gba as display   gc to gba cable

The device is just cool - it's nice to be able to say that you can watch television on your Game Boy Advance. Also ability to save 99 channels in the tuners memory is great. Only thing parents should be worried about is that kits will be able to plug in the cable and watch the late night movies when the should be sleeping...
iLater on I will make some more pictures to show you how crisp the picture looks on the GBA LCD screen in good lighting. Well if you watch CNN than reading the small news hotlines at the bottom of the screen is no problem. Same with "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" or "Jeopardy" question text. I was actually surprised the reception was so good! And the price is great

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