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gba ez-flash gameboyGBA EZ-Flash

EZ-Flash Linker and Flash Cards !

EZ-Flash user manual added.
Simplified Chinese version: Online Version; PDF Version
Traditional Chinese version: Online Version; PDF Version
English Version: Online Version; PDF Version

EZ-Flash for GBA features:

1. Small size and light weight, EZ-Writer is just the size about the GBA screen, EZ-Cart is the same size as official cartrige. Best GBA mate for travel.
2. USB interface, no external power needed, easy to use, update ur cart and backup ur saver everywhere, perfect for laptop users.
3. Easy to handle, patch free, all saver type supported. U can backup game and saver in one by our new defined file type. Get rid of the worry about saver lose by backup saver every day easily. Have more fun by exchange saved game with others by smaller file size.
4. Low power consume, just designed for outdoors gamer.
5. Rechargable saver battery on cart, super long life, saver losing carefree.
6. Game append and partial rewrite supported, u need not to rewrite whole cart for only one game.
7. Perfect compatibility, u can run all program that can run on emulator, like movie clip, e-book,e-comic, music player and emulators for GBA.

ez-flash ez-writer

gameboy ez-flash gba ez-writer

Operation manual:

1. The PC will mention u that new device found when u plug in the writer for the first time, after drivers installed, the LED will light red, then turn to green to indicate writer is ready.
2. Run the client software, if the writer is not plugged or not light green, the client will mention u that no EZ-Writer found. After writer works, the client will mention u that state of the cart.
3. When the LED on writer turn to red, it's wroking, never plug in or pull off cart at this time. When the LED light green, u can plug in the EZ-Cart, then the client will show u a list of games on the cart and the remained space.
4. Add games u want at client, then update to cart, writer will turn to red indicating it's busy working, when finished the LED will turn to green again. Now u can pull off the cart and enjoy it on GBA.

ez-flash ez-client

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