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NEO Power Kit Software for Neoflash

Neo Power Kit

1. Can Burn TEXT / HTML / HTM / GIF / JPG / PNG / BMP / NES ROM / SEGA SMS ROM / PC-E ROM / GB ROM / NDS ROM directly.

2. For GBA roms, it can keep 4 save game files at the same time, and needs these games to use the same save method (for example all are SRAM save) in this current version. Since
the Neo flash cart has an SRAM size limit.

3. You need to use original NDS cart to boot the MAGIC KEY, and it will keep the NDS save game data in the original NDS cart, so if you are concerned about saved games, you should to have on hand 2 NDS cartridges, one is using a 64K EEPROM save (for example the MARIO64 DS), and another one is using a 4K EEPROM save (for example Metroid).

4. The refresh module: if the program cannot recognize the NEO cart, please click the "REFRESH" in the toolbar to make program recognize the cartridge again.

5. This version must MANUALLY select the GBA mode or NDS mode.

If using the GBA mode to work, the NEO cartridge can burn multiple games on the cartridge, but keep in mind that the system must use 16M to store the boot menu.

If you want to burn an NDS DEMO rom (*.nds format file) you must use the NDS MODE, and you can only save one NDS DEMO rom to the NEO cartridge using this current driver

How to switch to NDS mode: (1) Stop the Neo Power Kit program (2) Go to C:\Neo Power Kit then run this BAT program (batch file) ---> "NDS_Mode.bat" (3) Run the Neo Power Kit program again

How to switch to GBA mode: (1) Stop the Neo Power Kit program (2) Go to C:\Neo Power Kit then run this BAT program (batch file) ---> "GBA_Mode.bat" (3) Run the Neo Power Kit program again.

power kit nintendo ds

NeoFlash 512Mb card and Slim Loader III flash writer is a GBA Flash Card analog to the XG2 Turbo and XGflash2 2005 we have already reviewed. ( XG2 2005 Slim and XG2 Turbo) In GBA Mode NeoFlash inherits all the features of XG2 - in fact you can choose to use the XG2 software as it has some features in it that Neoteam has not added to the NEO Power Kit. Both software packages look the same, except XG2flash doesn't have a NDS mode for flashing Nintendo DS roms. Also use XG2 2005 Turbo 512M and 1Gb cards to play commercial NDS ROMs!

neoflash cards

Note that 256M XG Flash cards including the PRO card in the above image will work only with the FreeWare roms and Nintendo Wireless DEMOS - you need a 512M / 1G Neo or XG2 card to play COMMERCIAL NDS ROMS like Mario 64 DS and Metroid.

Currently 512M and 1Gb Neo Flash Cards are awailable.
0005 - Ridge Racer DS (USA) (by Golden Sun Team) 256 Mbit | EEPROM (64Kbit)
0004 - Catch! Touch! Yoshi! (Japan) (by Golden Sun Team) 128 Mbit | EEPROM (4Kbit)
0003 - The Urbz - Sims In The City (USA) (by Golden Sun Team) 256 Mbit | EEPROM (64Kbit)
So where the size does matter is whn you tore multiple GBA and emulated NES / SNES / SEGA etc roms on the Neo Flash. That is when you can use up all of the space and if you have a little bit left upload some images or text files ;) NDS Mode single roms / GBA Mode NeoBoot.bin + ROM1 + ROM2 + etc.


neo flash kit

Buy Neo Flash 512Mb - $164 USD

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gba xrom 512m x-rom
GBA X-ROM 512M Flash Kit Price lowered to $69.00 USD!




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