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ez4 ezflash 4NDS EZ4

Nintendo DS EZ-Flash 4

Status: Announced
Price: Unknown
Tests & Review: NO
Buy EZ4 + EZPass

It's very similar to NEO Flash and it will be called EZ4. Full DS EZ4 kit includes

  • one ez-flash 4 writer for burning NDS and GBA roms
  • one EZ4 Cart that is like a Gameboy Advance cartridge.
  • one EZ Pass cart
    EZPass just like PassMe and Magic Key tricks Nintendo DS into running NDS games from the GBA slot instead of reading them from the DS slot where they should be.

Different from NEO will be the software. Currently available EZflash software looks and works better than Neo Power Kit and has a little more features than their rivals. At this point it is unknown if EZ4 and EZ Pass will run clean NDS dumps or will require GST like patched roms. We hope that IF patching will be necessary it will be built into the EZ writer software and we will not even notice when it is done.

endearment: admin / Manager from EZ-FLASH announced the soon arrival of the EZ4. The new generation of EZ-Flash 4 cards is designed to be compatible with Nintendo DS roms and will work to gather with a PassMe device to run commercial nds roms as well as homebrew and GBA games.

Also all (EZ-FLASH4) only are in the development products. Perhaps the final product can have distinguishes (will look different). At present uses PASSME adds the GBA card the procedure, inserts the card is 2m saves the plate inside PASSME the legal copy big instrumental ensemble, therefore can have saves the plate initialization wrong prompt. IDS at present cannot use, because does not support PASSME.

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards

Download NDS Roms for EZ-Flash V, EZ Vi, R4 DS and R4i.
Play R4 DS ROMs on DS Lite or DSi or new XL with R4i DS flash.
Play GBA on DSi with Gameboy Advance emulator and iPlayer DSi adapter.

New EZ4

The EZ we know them all: they are some of the best cartridges flash for GBA. And if the Gameboy Advance / GBA SP cartridges are not enough - EZflash team has began development of DS flash cart! Therefore goodbye mess with Passme and Wifime or firmware mods for being able to try our code!
The development of the cartridges seems to be in an advanced stage - prototypes of the EZ4 are already running commercial nds roms, Look at the leaked video of EZ-Flash 4 : Video EZ4

(to watch EZ4 video in (mov format) you need Quick time or QuickTime Alternative installed. We suggest the alternative as it contains NO advertisement and no need to register)

So far the price of the EZ-Flash 4 is unknown. Obviously the price will be higher than EZ3 but should be lowe than NeoFlash so something around $150 USD for a 512M EZ4.

NeoFlash has enjoyed a DS flash cart monopoly for some time now and was selling their 512M carts for ~164 USD and 1G for over 230 USD. New player in the market will sure bring prices down no more reasonable level.

At this point it is not clear if upgrade of the EZ2 and EZ3 carts could make them compatible with the nds commercial roms. (these gba / ds flash cards can be used to play homebrew ds roms).


ez4 nds roms

ez-flash 4

ezflash4 carts passme

More news about EZ-Flash4 will be posted as soon as we receive them. Tests will be carried out when EZ4 is finalized and makes it to the stores. GBAnet Review will follow.

EZ Team will release the upgrade version client software of all EZ series carts recently, to make all EZ-Users play the NDS game with a PASSME compatible device and an original NDS cart. We also will release our PASSME compatible device which named EZPASS with a speacial design.

Notice: There have some limits to play NDS game with existing EZ's the limit of GBA device design restrictive. not the fault of carts.

EZ-FLASH I 128Mbit Only play the game less or equal to 128Mbit
EZ-FLASH I 256Mbit Only play the game less or equal to 256Mbit
EZ-FLASH I 512Mbit Only play the game less or equal to 512Mbit
EZ-FLASH 2 128Mbit Only play the game less or equal to 128Mbit
EZ-FLASH 2 256Mbit Only play the game less or equal to 256Mbit
EZ-FLASH II 512Mbit Only play the game less or equal to 512Mbit
EZ-FLASH II 1Gbit Can play all game theoretically (Requires PassMe / EZPass)
EZ-FLASH III 1Gbit Only play the game less or equal to 256Mbit
EZ-FLASH III 2Gbit Only play the game less or equal to 256Mbit

To get the better gaming experience, please buy an EZ2 1Gb or wait the EZ4!!

New Nintendo DS Flash Linkers and NDS ROM backup tools:
EFA2 Linker II : DS Neo Flash : MagicKey2 : G6 Flash 3 G6flash : Nintendo SuperCard DS



EZflash 4 and EZ V DS flash cards do not work on the new updated DSi console, and firmware updates do not help, but there is a new generation of nds rom backup tools that work on DSi:
R4i SDHC, SuperCard DSONEi, AceKard 2i, iTouch2, DSTTi and EZ-Flash Vi. In addition to being compatible with all versions of the DS they can now work with SDHC cards that can hold as man as 32GB of nds roms. (Older model microSD cards have a 2GB memory size limit).

When ordering pick a store near you so you get a free delivery and fast shipping.

Buy DSi Flash Cards ( USA & CA )
Buy R4i SDHC Cards ( UK & EU )

reviews of all stores we have tested

Soon to come..
EZ4 tests & review
EZ4Pass - EZ Pass Me
EZ-Flash4 NDS roms


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