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XCode Cheat Plugin for GBA X-ROM

XCode Cheat Patch for Gameboy Advance XROM Hardware

You will need Action Replay Code Saves to use the XCode plugin for X-ROM flash cards. Code saves are files containing GBA Action Replay code lists. You can download code saves for many games at Red Hot Code Saves

Once you have the code saves for your game, load the game with XROM LittleWriter

x-rom littlewriter

xrom software download gba roms

Right click on the game's name in the LttleWriter GBA ROM information window.
In the popup window, select Plugins -> XCode Cheat Patch

gba roms cheat code patch

You will then be asked to find the cheat code save you downloaded. Find the codesave you wish to use and open it. Finally, you will be presented with a list of codes usable for your game. Select the codes you want to use by highlighting them using your mouse.

gba cheat codes list

Push the OK button to patch the game rom with the cheat codes you selected. The game is now patched with the selected codes and ready to play!

x-rom gba flash linker


LittleWriter GBA X-ROM Software new!
GBA Action Replay Cheat Codes

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