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nds superpass keyNDS SuperPass Key for DS ROMS

SuperPass: Scheduled for release
Price: Super Pass ~ $20 USD
Tested by GBAnet: YES

SuperPass Key Released with the same functions as PassMe

You need to use one commercial DS cart (for authentication) and a SuperCard or any other DS compatible GBA flash cart. On their site SuperCard makers recommend NOT to use SuperPass and SuperCard to play commercial NDS roms. They do this so that they will not be responsible for any customers' behavior. You are responsible for playing NDS ROMS that you do not own - they just provide hardware and software that enables you to do this - and have nothing to do with any pirated games :)

SuperPass DS at Jandaman - Price: $19.95 USD (Fast shipping from USA)
Buy NDS SuperPass KEY at - Price: $20.64 USD

What is SuperPass Key?
SuperPass Key is a device analog to the Neo Magic Key 1 and PassMe - designed by Natrium42 based off of the first DS passthrough made by DarkFader using an FPGA dev kit. It redirects the DS to a GBA Flash cart, so you can run your own program on the Nintendo DS form GBA SLOT. It requires the use of a commercial DS cart (for authentication) and a GBA Flash cart (To hold your DS program) to work. In most cases ANY original DS game card can be used to authenticate, but if you wish to save to progress of the game you have to make sure that the SRAM of the DS cart matches the one required by the game in the GBA Cart.

UPDATE! CURRENT SuperPass Key DOES NOT work with iQue DS and NEW Red DS! If you own either of these, don't buy one until a new version is available. Loopy has a working version of PassMe Key for the iQue DS and is working out the "kinks". If it works with the Red DS will be confirmed a little bit later and the PassKey updated. If you have a regular DS you got nothing to worry about - it will work!

What do you do with SuperPass?
If you are a programmer, it gives you the ability to test your programs on the DS hardware, not just in an emulator. If your not a programmer, it allows you to download demo's from the internet and play them on your DS. and the most important part is >>>
SuperPass Key WORKS with clean commercial NDS ROM dumps!

Where do I get one?
Check back soon for an update - we will port links to online stores that have it in stock.

Will SuperPass Key Work with my Flash Cart or do I have to have SUPERCARD?
SuperPass Key is made to work with most of the GBA Flash Card brands for playing HOMEBREW / FREEWARE NDS ROMS - but not all GBA Flash Cards can play commercial nds roms.
Please refer to this list of DS compatible cards

What is FlashMe?
DS FlashMe is a firmware patch for your DS that allows you to run homebrew code from a GBA Flash cart without any additional hardware at all. But, you need a SuperPass Key / MagicKey, G6 PassKey or PassMe to flash it the first time. After that, you are all set.
NOTE: So if you modify DS firmware you can run homebrew roms, but for commercial NDS ROMS in many cases a DS card has to be present in the DS slot because games check for save game space.


nds superpass key

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