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GBA Game Backup Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What would I need to reproduce a gameboy advanved cartridge.

I have twin boys and like bouys do they want the play the same game at the same time, and i don't want ot buy the same game twice every time. (Gavin)

A. Reproducing GBA cartridges will more often be called - backuping or copying carts.
So that you understand my reply here are some of the terms we will use:

  • ROM - Read Only Memory used in Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP and DS cartridge.

  • GBA ROM - most often used as a synonym for "GBA game backuped from original Nintendo cartridge rom memory"

  • GBA Flash Linker / USB Linker - a cable for connecting Gameboy Advance / SP to a computer USB port.

  • GBA Flash Card - Special Gameboy cartridge that has flash memory instead of the Read Only (ROM) memory.

To reproduce a Gameboy Cartridges you need:

  • The original cartridge
  • GBA Flash Linker cable
  • GBA Flash Card

1. You have to install the Linker on the PC. Drivers and software is usually provided on a CDR or a diskette. Installation works same as for most of USB Plug-And-Play devices.

2. Connect the Flash Linker to PC and open the linker software you installed.

3. Backup the Game from the original Cartridge to PC.

4. Insert the Flash Cartridge and using the same software write the ROM to the flash card.

Click to enlarge
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Important to know:

One GBA Flash Card can hold multiple games / GB roms. The number or games on the card is only limited by the size of the Flash Memory in it. Most Gameboy Advance / GBA SP games are 64 Mb big (some are 32 Mb and the biggest ones are 128 Mb. GBA Video files can be 256M or even larger) So on a 512 M Flash Card you can backup around 8 games.

When you have more than one game copied to the flash card every time you turn ON your gameboy you will see a boot menu with the list of game.

Roms can be obtained by copying them from Nintendo cartridges or by downloading gba backup files made by other from the internet. Refer to

Flash cards (the same as all the gameboy games) work on any GB ADVANCE or GBA SP consoles from any country of the world. GAME BOY™ is 100% Region Free.

When on GBA Flash the game works the same as from Nintendo Rom card. That means if it supports Multiplayer - it will work on the Flash card the same as on regular cards and you can link Flash-to-Original / Flash-to-Flash or in any other combination for 4 players.

Gameboy ROM Backup Flash Card can be used for much more than just GBA games. Explore all the posibilities of playing Classic NES, SEGA, Specy and even SNES games as well as Video clips, Music and e-Books.

When games are backuped to PC you can preview them with GBA emulator.

GBA X-rom 512 MB

GBA Backup Set that I would suggest as the "Best Buy" at this moment is GBA Xrom. 512 Mb for $99 USD... Read our review here - GBA X-ROM 512 Mb  

Read our reviews of other good Flash Linker Sets (linker cable + flash card)

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Flash2Advance Ultra  

EZFA EZ-Flash Advance / ECube 1 Gb  

Stores where to BUY Gameboy Accessories  

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