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gameboy advanc emulatorSo what can I do with a flash card?

There is so much more to flash cards than just free games and backuping roms to PC! No doubt games is why we get the GameBoy in the first place, but why limit it - your GBA can do a lot more with a little help from XG, EZF Advance, F2A or Wise Card!

Note: Most of the emulators / roms / applications work on all types of flash cards, but there are some exceptions, like Pogo Shell will not work on the WiseBox - the rest of apps work ok!

gba roms sp

Without a doubt the most important purpose for having a gba flash card is the ability to play freeware and backuped commercial gba roms. You have access to literary thousands of free games on the net.
nintendo nes roms super
If GBA roms isn't enough than hear this - you can perfectly emulate 8bit Nintendo Entertainment System games that is NES roms on you Advance or GBA SP
snes roms
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES roms) emulator for GBA called PocketSNES is capable of emulating a handful of snes game roms at full speed. No sound and the screen is unscaled but it is being worked on.
GB and GBC games can be emulated meaning that you can write gb and gbc roms to the cartridge an play on GBA. You can even play old black and white games with colors. Flash2Advance, F2A USB, FA Xtreme Pro and Turbo cards are backward compatible with GB/GBC consoles. Can use the above listed flash cartridges both in the new Advance and old Color Game Boy, but for that you need GB-Bridge adapter, that makes the cartridge fit in GBC & GB b/w.
(remember - gbc game cartridges were taller!)
Classic Console Roms

Now not to surprise you but yep - its not only nintendo games that can be played/emulated on GBA. There are 3 emulators that let you play Spectrum Z80 roms, 2 for SEGA Master System SMS roms, 1 for PC Engine / Turbo GraFX, GB, GBC, Arcade, Atari 2600 and Chip8 roms, Asteroids!
E-Books / .txt
You can create your own gba e-books with pictures and even sound or read regular PC .txt files.



Movie files
meteo avi-2-gba
Finaly you can encode MPG, MPEG and AVI movie files to be played on GBA! All Flash Cards and Linkers are suppored. There are some sample movies demonstrating what cone be done but I suggest you go ehead and make your own gba movies!

There are music players for Flash Cards that merge MP3 files in a format that can be played on GBA


Make your own photo albums with transition and special FX to show to your friends or just to keep your favorite photos always with you. PogoShell has plug ins that support direct viewing of JPG and BMP image files on the flash card!
Pogo Shell

PoGo Shell for GBA is something similar to Windows for PC. It lets you install programs in the form of plug-ins that will enable you to write NES, Z80, TXT, MIDI, JPG and other files to the flash card and launch them inside Gameboy with the appropriate application. Something like turning GB into a PDA. Other features include SaveGame management - save more game save files on one cartridge by compressing the files and auto extracting when you load the GBA rom to play.

And so on...

Other programs that you can use with Flash equipped Gameboy include Advance CALCULATOR, drawing application similar to Mario Paint, Notebook / Calendar and loads of PD demo roms


If Nintendo didn't mean to make GAMEBOY open source that Flash Advance Cards certainly did. Run any 3rd party code on gba without any modifications of risk of damaging the system. Before you take out the flash card all the information is saved on it and erased from the GBA VRAM memory so nobody can see if you used it or not.

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ezf-advance linker card with realtime clock

EZF Advance
Card with RealTime Clock & Multi Boot Linker.
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Currently the most popular linker. Compatible with EZ

New F2A USB linker with good old Flash Card

Cheapest set + Can copy cartridges without a PC



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