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Flash2Advance F2A Flash 2 AdvanceFlash2Advance USB Linker F2A

The new USB version of the Flash2Advance linker fixes the problems that users encountered after the release of the GBA SP. Old printer port version works fine with the GB Advance, but many users reported problems when trying to write roms to the flash card using SP - the cartridge was not recognized. (To solve this you have to get the new USB version). F2A USB Linker is also compatible with Flash Advance PRO and Turbo cards and of course with all F2A carts that came with the Printer port version of the linker.

Flash-2-Advance cartridges can be used with GB-Bridge to play GB/GBC roms on Game Boy COLOR or Advance. You can also emulate NES, Spectrum, SEGA roms or use Software like PoGo Shell that will let you read PC *.txt files on gba, use it to listen to MIDI music files and view JPG and BMP pictures as well as do lots of other cool stuff..


F2A Printer Port
F2A Cards
GameBoy Advance
GB Advance SP
GB COLOR via GB-Bridge
Flash Advance Cards Turbo & Pro
Flash2Advance Cartridges
Flash2Advance Writer (default)
GBA LittleWriter Software
Pogo Shell OS

F2A USB Link cable has sofware for reading and writing gba roms when connected to a Linux PC or Mac with OS X. Flash2Advance is the nly one of the modern linkers that has Mac and Linux suppot.

Flash-2-Advance Card Linker Drivers for Linux
Flash2Advance Card F2A Linker Drivers for Mac OS X

Reading out GBA game ROMs
When your original Nintendo GBA game has been plugged in to the Flash Advance Linker, you can use Flash 2 Advance Linker software to read out gba rom data and save it to your local PC harddrive as a ROM file (*.GBA) Flash Advance Linker also lets you read out the savegame to store it in an extra file - you won't loose any game data, e.g. when the battery in your original GBA game gets empty.

Writing GBA ROMs to Flash 2 Advance Cards
The best thing about F2A is that it also lets you write Gameboy roms to Flash 2 Advance Cards! Use the provided software to select ROM files from your harddrive, and write them through the printer or USB port connected Flash Advance Linker to the Flash Advance Cartridge. Its just like writing files to ReWritable CD with a CD-Recorder or sending MP3 files from PC to MP3 Player. You can even save multiple games into one single flash advance card! 64M card can hold up to 2 games, 128M - 4 games, 256M - 8 games. Most Gameboy Advance games are 32Mbits or 64Mbits big (4 or 8 Mega Bytes on your PC)

Play ROMs from the internet on Gameboy for FREE!
So you download gba roms Freeware, PD roms or Commercial game roms from internet (just like you would download MP3s) or backup your Nintendo GB cartridges and using Flash Advance Linker upload the roms to Flash Advance Card and play them on your Gameboy for FREE!

F2A Users Manual

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You can BUY Gameboy Flash Advance Linkers and GBA Flash Cards s well as GBA Accessories in the following online stores. All of them have been tested and they all are reliable - have Secure Site Certificates, Secure connection for shopping carts and orders can be Tracked Online. Remember that you have to pay for shipping so look for the best Price + Shipping combo!
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EasyBuy2000 A trustworthy shop for GBA, GBASP, PS2 and XBOX that. Good prices and fast/cheap shipping to USA, CA and the rest of the world. Worldwide

Specializes in XBOX and PS2 Mod Chips and GameBoy Flash Linkers like EZ2 PS and EZFA.

Jandaman Sells Gameboy EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Linker sets and EFA - Extreme Flash Advance + GBA PS2 XBOX accessories


GameBoy / GBA SP Flash Linker specialists. EZ-Flash USB, F2A, XG-Flash 64/128/256M Flash2Advance and XG2 Turbo sets always in stock!



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