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gba flash linux software driversGBA Flash 2 Advance Linux Drivers Software Tools

Most of GBA Flash Advance Card Linker software has been written for Windows including Win 98/Me/200/XP. If you want to use all of the features made possible by GBA flash it is strongly suggested that you use PC with Windows. Now we understand that there are people who don't have / don't like MS so we have compiled the software that will let you use Flash Advance Linkers for write GBA ROMS to Flash Carts while using LINUX.

Please mail me any ideas/tools/senders/etc. that you have for Linux , to make this collection bigger/better.

Flash Card Linker Type Comments

if2a for
Flash 2 Advance USB

By David Gauchard


iF2A Readme

This is based on an older f2a usb linker for linux (see next entry). Flash2Advance USB has been tested to work properly on LINUX so if you need a GBA roms backup device to use with Linux this is teh one to get.

Tested Hardware:
- Flash2Advance USB Linker
- Flash2Advance 256Mbits cart

What you can do with if2a is:

- Display your gba rom map from cart
- Download romfiles from cart
- Upload gba roms to cart
- Download savegames from sram
- Upload savegames to sram

Flash2Advance USB Linker with Linux.
This is a tool to easily upload roms on a 256Mb Flash2Advance cartridge or multiboot code on a GBA using the F2A USB linker. You should read help files before any use.

Latest news: (2004/05/15)
- if2a is working with kernel 2.6, an if2a update will come soon
- gbaldr33.gba is not currently working with me (if2a & win32 application) !
- if2a 0.3a release

Flash2Advance USB LPT

By Ulrich Hecht


Linux F2A Readme

Flash2Advance USB / Paralel port for Linux

It has been reported to work The one above it is newer (and based on this one) Also hear it is being ported to Mac OS X

This is a simple tool for up- and downloading data to/from a Flash2Advance cart using the F2A USB or parport linker. Be sure to read the accompanying README file before using it.
Brown paper bag release 0.2a, contains missing file f2afirm.hex. Released version 0.2, containing support for the F2A parport linker written by David Voswinkel. Enjoy.

MBV2 Cable

By Jeff Frohwein


Mirror: mblinx.tar.gz


Linux tool for sending gba roms (up to 2Mb in size) over the GBA Multi Buut Cable (MBV2) to Gameboy Advance internal VRAM memory. Great for fast test of code or running small demo roms and Sega, Nes etc rom emulators.

Flash Advance &
FA Extreme

By Jeff Frohwein


Great software that is if you can still find the Flash Advance or FA Xtreme linkers (They are no longer produced an do not have manufacturer support)


Note that while there is software for connecting GBA to a Linux PC using Flash Advance / Xtreme link this type of GBA Linker is no longer produced and has no manufacturer support so if you need gba roms backup tool for Linux you should look at the Flash2Advance / F2A USB (Original version - NOT ULTRA)

GBA Flash2Avdnace Card :: F2A USB Linker

flash2advance usb f2a card

Editors and misc tools for Linux <-> GBA

GmBaAp tile/map editor

By kxu


GTK+ 2 gba tile/map editor, appears to be written in python
french and English
Most importantly it is GPL

Tile Max

By Sean Reid

Tile Max Site

It's Java and the author of it tested in linux!
More tools really should be written in Java
(linux, Mac OSes, any other other decent os and windows all have java interpreters)
Some of it's pluggins seem to be windows reliant (run external .exe's)

Gameboy Advance Map Editor

By Stween



GTK+ 2 gba tile/map editor, written in c
Most importantly it is GPL

Flash-2-Advance Card Linker Drivers for Mac OS X
GBA Flash Software & Drivers for Windows



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