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GBA Flash Advance Mac OS X Drivers Software and Tools

Most of GBA Flash Advance Card Linker software has been written for Windows including Win 98/Me/200/XP. If you want o use all of the features made possible by GBA lash it is strongly suggested that you use PC with Windows. Now we understand that there are people who don't have / don't like MS so we have compiled the software that will let you use Flash Advance Linkers for write GBA ROMS to Flash Carts while using Mac OS.

Flash2Advance Card and F2A USB Linker Moc OS X Tool

Download: F2A_Mac OSX : F2A OS X Source Code

This is a simple tool for uploading and downloading gba roms data to/from a Flash2Advance
cart using the F2A USB linker. It has been ported to Mac OSX from Linux.

f2a OS X version 0.2a Relese notes:

Incremental update to fix major reported bugs and enable some missing functions. Erasing cartridge blocks is in and seems to work - hopefully this will help those who don't have a PC for the initial formatting. The code for saving from cartridge to disk was patched up and uncommented, but hasn't been tested.

Note that while there is software for connecting GBA to a MAC using Flash Advance / Xtreme link this type of GBA Linker is no longer produced and has no manufacturer support so if you need gba roms backup tool for Mac OS you should look at the Flash2Advance / F2A USB (Original version - NOT ULTRA)

GBA Flash2Avdnace Card :: F2A USB Linker

flash2advance usb f2a card

Flash Advance Xtreme USB Flash linker tool for Mac OS X.

Download: GBA
Mac GBA Link: Readme.txt

Supported GBA Flash Carts:

Cart support should be rather good. Please contact me if you have problems with your cart. and I can try to fix the support if you borrow me your cart ;) Here is a list of known working cart configurations:

  • 64M FA - Tested and works (multirom support doesn't work)
  • 128M FA - Tested and works (multirom support doesn't work)
  • 64M Xtreme - Tested and works
  • Turbo FA 256M - Tested and works (with two 128M chips)
  • 256M Xtreme - Tested and works (with four 64M chips)
  • 256M Xtreme - Tested and works (with two 128M chips)
  • EZ-Flash - Not supported
  • Nintendo - Not supported
  • Hudson - Not supported

    The cart detection code is able to distinguish between:
    - 32M, 64M, and 128M FA carts
    - 64M, 128M, and 256M Turbo FA carts
    - 64M, 128M, 256M, and 512M Xtreme carts
    - Hudson cart
    - Nintendo cart
    - Standard ROM
A Flash Advance Xtreme USB Flash linker tool for your Mac OSX. Gbalink v0.5 supports now most carts out there. Also multiple ROMs in one cart is supported. The GBMENU (c) _Sjaak. Thankx! Note! You need to have libusb installed. Keep in mind that ONLY Xtreme linker is supported so no F2A USB or EZ-Flash support. Note! Also tested successfully on OSX 10.3!
Gba link v0.3beta should now support most carts out there. But.. I won't continue until someone borrows me a FA, FA Turbo and F2A carts to tests against to. Blind "coding" fun is now over.
Some information about the Gbalink.. the current v0.1aplha is very picky about the cart. It only works with Xtreme carts that have 1 or 2 Intel 28FnnnK3 flash chips. It seems those are not that popular. Anyway's the good news is that a new version is coming. So far it has been reported to detect Flash2Advance 256M cart (2x128M flash chips), Turbo 128M cart ( 2x64M flash chips) and Xtreme 256M carts (4x64M and 2x128M flash chips).. So things are looking good.
trsipack v0.1 is a mediocre data compression tool for GBA (based on some ancient code I found laying in my hard disk). It should beat out RNC.. decompression code in ARM assembly is included. Note the binary is for OSX. I have a Windows (Cygwin) binary also if someone is interested...
Gbalink v0.1alpha is a Flash Advance Xtreme USB linker tool for your Mac OSX (tested under OSX 10.2.6). Tested it against my Flash Advance Xtreme 256M cart (it has Intel 28F128K3 flash chips). So far no other brands of carts are supported. Cart sizes 64M,128M,256M and 512M should work. Enjoy native GBA development on your Mac OSX!
My first ever GBA program I made for TRSI. A simple but nostalgic oldskool intro. Fully coded in ASM and using my old compressor tool... more to come...
Oldskool stuff and playing around with tiles. Two pictures of a simple intro: #1 and #2 ..
I bought a GBA + Flash Linker Xtreme set.. The first project is the Linker tool for Mac OSX. Xtreme has USB so it is just a matter time when the linker program works. This time I'm not alone. Check here for possible additional info.

Flash-2-Advance Card Linker Drivers for Linux
GBA Flash Software & Drivers for Windows

In case you incounter a time-out error like
USB Error: Unable to perform bulk write (e0004051)
F2A Error: Unable to write ROM data (e0004051)

Pease visit Peters website with a fix for this bug
F2A Mac download links and a install guide on how to use a Flash 2 Advance card on Mac OS X.

Mac OS X Game Emulators go

GAMEBOY emulator for Mac OS X go


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