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flash xtreme linkerGBA Flash Linker Xtreme USB

Flash Advance Linker Extreme USB

The Flash Advance Linker is the first professionial mass produced development device for the Gameboy Advance. Just like a Cradle for your Palm or other Handheld Computer, the GBA Flash Advance Linker is plugged in to the printer port or USB port of your PC. Once connected, it can simply send and receive game ROM data from or to the plugged in game or Flash Cartridge.

Sending GBA ROM files to your empty cartridge

Simply use the provided software to open the ROM file from your harddrive, it will then send the data through the printer or USB port to the Flash Advance Linker, which will store the data in the Cartridge - just as when you connect your MP3 Player to your PC to 'fill' it with songs. Totally easy and you can even save multiple games into one single flash card!

Reading out game GBA ROM data

Once your original GBA game has been plugged in to the Flash Advance Linker, you can use the provided software to read out the rom data and save it to your local PC harddrive as a so-called ROM file. The Flash Advance Linker also lets you read out the savegame to store it in an extra file - you won't use any game data, e.g. when the battery in your original GBA game gets empty.



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The biggest gba roms available are 128M and the new Flash Extreme cards now have something called Intelligent savegame handling for SRAM, Flash and EEPROM - now stores a savegame for EVERY game!


The GIANT STORE still has FA Xtreme in stock!


You can BUY Gameboy Flash Advance Linkers and GBA Flash Cards s well as GBA Accessories in the following online stores. All of them have been tested and they all are reliable - have Secure Site Certificates, Secure connection for shopping carts and orders can be Tracked Online. Remember that you have to pay for shipping so look for the best Price + Shipping combo!
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GameBoy / GBA SP Flash Linker specialists. EZ-Flash USB, F2A, XG-Flash 64/128/256M Flash2Advance and XG2 Turbo sets always in stock!

EasyBuy2000 A trustworthy shop for GBA, GBASP, PS2 and XBOX that. Good prices and fast/cheap shipping to USA, CA and the rest of the world. Worldwide

Specializes in XBOX and PS2 Mod Chips and GameBoy Flash Linkers like EZ2 PS and EZFA.

Jandaman Sells Gameboy EZ-Flash 2 PowerStar Linker sets and EFA - Extreme Flash Advance + GBA PS2 XBOX accessories



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The original Flash Advance PRO and FA Xtreme Linkers and Cards are no longer being produced so they are practicly inpossible to buy. I still think that they were the best ones - so many good memories ;) Well now there are new GBA linkers & carts being produced with fetures that the old ones didn't have. Also the old drivers are no longer being updated so it is safer and cheaper to buy one of the new sets:

EZF Advance
Card with RealTime Clock & Multi Boot Linker.
Our choice!

Currently the most popular linker. Compatible with EZ

New F2A USB linker with good old Flash Card

Cheapest set + Can copy cartridges without a PC


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