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x-rom gba linker pc driversGBA X-ROM Driver Installation

X-Rom Install and How-To Guide
(NEW-updated on Jan 27 2004)

This guide will help you to install the GBA X-Rom drivers and the Little Writer software. Please read this guide in FULL first BEFORE you begin.

X-Rom Drivers Installation Guide.

1. Do NOT Connect Your X-Rom Linker Yet to your computer
(that means don't plug the linker (USB cable) into you computer)

2. Unzip the file "X-rom"

3. Install the program "X-rom Drivers.exe"

4. Follow Instructions of the Install

5. If you are using Windows-XP you will get a warning box just click "Continue"
For users of Windows 2000 and Windows 98 you will NOT see this warning box

5. Now after you click "Finish" connect the X-Rom Linker to any free USB port on your PC
Do NOT use a HUB use a direct free USB post. Hubs are not recommended due to the extra voltage they draw form the USB port.

6. A dialog box may appear asking you for a driver point it the "Program Files\X-Rom Drivers" (For Windows 2000 it does not appear for Windows 98 and XP it does appear)
This will complete the install process and your X-Rom Linker will now be installed correctly.

You can verify this by going to your control panel and clicking on system then open up "Device Manager" (for Windows 2000 and XP owners you have to click on hardware first) Once device manager is opened up you will see "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" (It's the last one at the bottom of the list) You should now see the "X-Rom GBA Link Port Cable" listed. If you do and don't have anything warning you that this driver is not installed correctly usually by a yellow marker then this means that your driver is installed correctly.

7. You're done for installing the X-Rom drivers on your PC.

Note: If you are having any problems please go to
Under Product Support Nintendo/GBA Products you can post your problems there
I will do my best to answer them.

gba x-rom xrom linker set


LittleWriter GBA X-ROM Software

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