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XROM GBA Roms Backup

Step-by-step instructions on how to backup all your GBA games onto PC so you can later on burn them to the X-rom gba flash card.

Make your own GBA roms with XROM Linker

First a little shortcut - You can download most of the GBA ROMS from romsites listed at . This way you don't have to make your own backups and can test games before you buy them. But for those of us who have to keep it 100% legal and make their own gba roms here is how to do it:

  • Xrom Linker drivers must be already installed.
  • LittleWriter software also has to be on your PC.

Now to backup your own Nintendo game cartridges:

1. Connect GBA / GBASP with Xrom Linker to the PC.

One end of the Linker goes into the GBA/SP EXT port - back of SP / top on GBA. The other end connect to the PC USB port or a free port on a USB hub.

2. Put your Nintendo Cartridge with the GAME in to GBA.

3. Hold down [Start+Select] and turn Gameboy power ON.
4. Now run LittleWriter. (it will send multiboot to the GBA and detect a card in it)
If it asks about erasing the card just close this window (without clicking OK) by pressing the red [X] at the top right corner.
5. Move the mouse over the the LittleWriter main window (ROM:) and RIGHT-click on it. Contextual menu will popup.

6. Select [Backup Rom] - Select the location to save the rom to and push [Save]
7. Wait for the rom to be extracted from the cartridge...

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As you can see from the LittleWriter LOG window in the above picture Save Games from SRAM are automatically stored to the PC for backup every time you connect to computer.

Extracted rom is stored in a ZIP file - for playing it with Emulator better extract it so that save games can be stored correctly. Emulator needs the game save file and rom file names to match and there could be conflicts if the file is in a ZIP folder.

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You can buy XROM 512M Flash Card & Linker set for $69 USD. At this price it is the cheapest 512 Mb GBA Flash set on the market - but at the same time it has some of the most advanced features and great software.

X-ROM GBA Flash Linker Cable


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XROM 512Mb Flash Card & Linker set for $69 USD



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