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Airform Pocket Nintendo DS Case Review

Airform Pocket for GAMEBOY ADVANCE SP was our favorite SP case. We were expecting the same from the DS version of Airform Pocket and we were not disappointed. Priced at $7.95 USD this is one of if not the cheapest NDS cary case that you can buy. It features include:

  • Handstrap
  • Compartment for 4 GBA cartridges or headphones or other accessories like NintendoDS USB charger cable
  • Spare Stylus Holder
  • Elastic straps for holding NDS in place.

airform pocket gba nintendods

As this is not a licensed accessory it does not carry Nintendo DS logo. At the same time that means that you don't have to pay for licensing expenses and that is reflected in the price! Packaging in rather simple and if you would give this as a gift I suggest you wrap it ;)

airform pocket nintendods

DS is held in place by an elastic strap and in the top cover there is place for 4 GBA Cartridges or some accessories you would want to take with you. In my opinion game storage section is a bit too long and I would have liked it to be split in the middle so that if I put DS carts i there they do not fall out. Anyhow - GBA carts fit in nicely and stay in.

Airform Pocket (Silver/Black)
Low price but good quality. Has space for 4 GBA cartridges and a spare stylus.

Buy NDS Carrying Case at!

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