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UGame Airform DS Carrying Case Review

One of the cheapest cases - Price $7.95 USD. The price reflects the fact that this is not a licensed Nintendo DS product, but that doesn't mean that it is of lower quality. Simply the producer hast paid N for using its logo on their product. In fact we liked this DS "compatible" case from UGame better than the licensed NDS Shell Case.

UGame Airform DS case

The inside of the case is padded and soft. There are elastic straps to hold the NDS in place, but it would sit there nicely even if it wasn't strapped :)

DS carrying case airform

In the middle - where the case folds there is a place for a spare stylus. Nice if you have an extra stylus like I do (I like to use a PDA stylus that is longer that the ones that came with DS and has a slightly smaller and more precise tip). What this case lacks is storage space for Game Cartridges.

#3 Third Place Airform - Pocket (Silver/Black)
Protects your NDS at a good price but no place for storing cartridges and DS game cards

Buy NDS Carrying Case at!

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