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NDS Patcher v0.1 ROMS

How to patch NDS Roms:
Drag the .nds file onto the ndspatcher.exe file and it will patch automatically
New file "rom-name.nds.gba" will appear in the patcher directory.
Write this file to a GBA Flash Card -> Put it into NDS -> Plug PassMe into the DS slot -> PLAY!

How patched NDS roms work - tested with GBA X-ROM

For roms modified with NDSPatcher to work you need to copy the newly created *.nds.gba to flash card as a single game without loader / menu. Disable this in your flashing software.

Another thing that is required is PassMe or another PassThrough device that will fool the DS into running NDS programs from GBA slot instead of executing the games on a single screan in GAMEBOY mode. (Using PassMe you can apply a Firmware Patch / Hack called FlashMe that will let you run DS games from GBA cartridge without a PassMe sticking out of the DS slot, BUT if Save Game patch for the NDS ROM fails - the game will be trying to save to the DS card so in some cases you still have to have a game or pass me in the DS even if you have FlashMe...)

Used GBA SP to copy NDS roms to the Xrom Flash Card

Slide the Xrom into the Nintendo DS GBA game slot

GBA X-ROM Playing NDS ROM #0080 - Nanostry (U) No slowdowns no lockups - and it saves to the SRAM memory on the GBA Flash Card - in this case Xrom!

Turned OFF the DS and when we turned it back on the save game is still there!


Not the best picture but this is just to show that NDS can play commercial DS ROMS from GBA Slot without PassMe / PassKey in the DS slot and it will still successfully save progress..

When the console is turned back ON "Lucky" (My NINTENDOG) is sitting there waiting for me.

So if you have FlashMe firmware modification on your console you don't need to use PassMe or its clones PassKey / MagicKey / SuperPass etc. In the above picture you can see that the console is lying flat on the table as there is no PassMe sticking out at the back.

Other games / nds roms that work:

Advance Wars
Asphalt Urban GT
Feel The Magic
Madden 2005
Madden 2006
Mr Driller
Need For Speed Underground 2
All 3 Nintendogs
Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends (USA)

and more to be tested soon.

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