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SuperCard DS - Frequently Asked Questions

supercard ds sd adapterSC Status: Released
SuperPass Key - needed for DS roms
Price: Super Card ~ $60 USD
Price: Super Pass ~ $20 USD
Tested by GBAnet: YES

SuperCard DS - Both Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital (SD) adapter allows you to play NDS ROMS on the Nintendo DS. And what is even more important is that it can run Commercial DS roms which so far was only possible with a more expensive NeoFlash kit.

SuperPass (or PassMe or another clone of this PassKey) you need to fool the DS into running DS games from GBA slot. If you don't have any Nintendo DS mods you will see that any cartridge that is inserted into GBA slot will be executed one one screen. So without the SuperPass Key you can run GBA roms on Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance, GBA SP and GB Micro *with some bugs. To play commercial NDS ROMS using SuperCard you need to make the console run all the games from GBA Cartridge slot where you will have SC with the SD Flash Card or CF Flash Card in it holding the ROMS.

superpass dsFAQ from the manufactures Forum:

Q: Can I play NDS games without NDS game card?
A: NO - Not at this time.

Q: Superpass need a NDS game card?
A: Yes.

Q: Hi roman, can the SuperCard with the SuperPass key run all the nds games with no slow down ?
A: Yes, will not slow down. (Note: not all games work - the ones that do work at 100% speed)

Q: can it run the demos and homebrew games?
A: yes.

Q: Will we ever get the crystal engine? or a utility to convert crystal movies to ones we can use?
A: No, you can not.

Q: When does it come out (be as specific as possible) ,and what is the price to other countries (outside of China) ?
A: SuperPass about 19 USD.

Q: Can the supercard be able to directly access the CF/SD to do reads like the NDS dumper does with the GBA MP?
A: Yes, we are working on it.

Q: By directly accessing the CF/SD card, can we run larger roms?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we save without having to overwrite our original saves in the DS game cart?
A: Now, save file is saves in the DS cart, but we can make you save on the CF or SD card later.

Q: If we could save into the CF/SD card, would we have to save using the QPC (Quick Power Cycle) method or¡t will some new software give us a new way of saving?
A: Not the QPC, we will save into the CF/SD with a new method.

Q: Roman how are we going to save in the nds games, are we going to have to use that method that you have to turn it off and then save?
A: No, the method we are trying, and will finish soon.

Buy NDS SuperCard (SD) at - Price: $60.65 USD
Buy NDS SuperCard (CF) at - Price: $60.65 USD
    (*** we suggest Linker4U store)

SuperPass DS at Jandaman - Price: $19.95 USD (Fast shipping from USA)
Buy NDS SuperCard (CF) at - Price: $59.95 USD

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DS SuperCard Review
SuperPass Key NDS roms
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