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XG2T Software Users Guide

Using XG-Flash 2 Turbo Software:

Before write ROM to XG2T, you need to turn GBA to LINK MODE:

Turn on GBA, press "START"+"SELECT" when GAMEBOY LOGO is Dancing
To make NINTENDO LOGO disappear which under the GAMEBOY LOGO,and you can hear one sound "Din".
Now your GBA/SP already turned to LINK mode already.

GBA GBASP link mode

Plug the USB LINKER's another end to GBA/SP
Then open XG2T sofeware (XG2Flash.exe), a new window will appeared, then press Refresh.

xg-flash software

After press Refresh GBA will have a connected beep sound
and the logo will change to XG2 LINK connect mode:

xg2 link

Press ROM to manage ROM area
You can Add/Delete ROM, Draw (means copy ROM to your computer) and Clear List for write new ROM
Draw ROM also can backup a ROM from a original game card.
after finish manage ROM area, press Start to write the game card.

load gba roms

save gba roms

Some game support 1MBIT save type only,for example the POCKMON serial,so your have to choose the 1MB(Special) save mode for these special games. [The new XG2T driver will do it automatic]
If you want exit ROM area and go to SMS area, press Cancel
Then press SMS button:

backup gameboy roms

To backup a GAME SAVE, First select a SAVE from SMS slot which you want to backup, press SMS -> XG2T
Then select a VBA save type and backup to computer.

Final Fantasy Advance gba rom

To upload a SAVE to GAME CARD, Press XG2T -> SMS and browse a SAVE FILE to upload
*Please pay attention the SAVE FILE will only save to RAM SLOT, please ensure you had backup the RAM SLOT before you upload a SAVE FILE.

*If you're not sure which save type the game uses, you can try this software: GBATA - GBA Tool Advance
This software has a function which can check a game's save type.

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