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xgflash2 turbo help xg2 flashXGFLASH2 Turbo Link FAQ

By - lchmanny

XG2 Turbo Questos & Answers

1. How to upgrade the XG2T's SMS system or format the XG2T?
Click the "Clear List" button to clean the ROM list after GBA have connected to computer, then click "Start" to burn one BLANK cart, will be OK.

2. How to solve the XG2T's clock is VERY SLOW?
When you find the clock of XG2T is very slow, even slow few hours per day, it's mean the battery low power, you should recharge the XG2T over 12 hours. But if can't solve this matter still, then you should contact your supplier to replace it.

3. Why the SRAM save of XG2T is easy to lost?
There 2 kinds of data save system in XG2T,one is 2M SRAM, and another one is 8M to 32M SMS save data backup system ,only the 2M SRAM is working when you play the game, the SMS is not active in that time. The 2M SRAM just use to keep the save data temporarily only, you should turn on the GBA again after you stop to play the game, then go to XG2T's menu backups the game save data to the SMS, then SMS can keep the save data over 10 years.

But if the SRAM save data will lost after you turn off the GBA and turn again, usually is the battery power of XG2T not enough to keep the data again, so you should recharge the battery over 12 hours. If can't solve it still, please contact your supplier to replace it.

4. Can use 64M and 128M XG2T to burn full 64M or full 128M multi ROM data ?
Sure you can,since the BOOT LOADER is store in the 8M to 32M SMS memory space ,so you can use the WHOLE 64M or 128M flash memory size and come with the multi ROM function.

5. Why my XG2T can't link to my computer?
[1] Make sure you have press the START and SELECT button when you power on your GBA, and the GBA is in waiting for connect mode.
[2]Secondly you should check your XG2T driver installing situation, you should can see the the "SIO bridge processor" device in "Device Manager" ,otherwise is mean your XG2T driver is NOT install correct, please reinstall again. And please DON'T use the USB extension cable ,you should plug the USB connecter to the motherboard USB port directly.

6. Why my XG2T always burn failed?
[1] Make sure you use the NEWEST software driver of XG2T already.
[2] Make sure you plug the USB linker to the USB port of motherboard already.
[3] Maybe your XG2T connection is not stable, or the link port of your GBA is duty, please try to clean it. If you can use another GBA (better is SP) to try it would be best.
[4] Maybe is the computer problem, please use another computer or another operation system to try again.

7. I have backup the game save data to my PC,but why VBA emulator can't recognize these save data ?
[1] Make sure you have choose the correct save size when you backup the XG2T's save to PC.
[2] Make sure the save name is match the ROM name, otherwise you have to change the save name to "ROM NAME.sav", it'll work.

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