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XGflash2 Turbo - Driver Installation

By - lchmanny


Before start play/write the card, please pay attention the following...
- When shipped the save game battery voltage of the new XG2T card is very LOW. It is suggest that you recharge the battery for at least 12 hours before use. To recharge, just insert XG2T to GBA and  connect the AC adapter to GBA ,turn it on, XG2T will auto recharge during GBA power on. (Don't need to play during charge, keep it power on is enough. )
- USB LINKER is already included a FLASH writer, and it need a driver for Windows. Please ensure you have installed a driver for USB LINKER before write any ROM.
To install a driver, please refer DRIVER INSTALLATION.

Driver Installation:

1. DO NOT Plug the USB LINKER in to the computer at this time.
2. Prepare your XGFLASH2 TURBO LINK software, the latest version can be download at here? (WIN 9X/2K/XP version only)
3. Double Click the EXE file after finish download. Follow the step and install to the computer (Default path is C:\XG2LINK\)

4. Now plug the USB LINKER to computer,Windows will auto detect a new hardware...

Follow the step and install the USB driver to computer: (This window box will appear twice if this is first time install)

Select "Include this location in the search" --> Browse to your installed XG2T Software folder (Default path is C:\XG2LINK\)?

Select the folder which is suitable your system.

Press OK then system will ask you the driver is not get the Windows Logo testing verify,
to install this driver, press "Continue Anyway"

*if you have failed to install without display above window box,
maybe you need to make a setting about Driver Singing
At SYSTEM PROPRIETIES --> HARDWARE -->Driver Singing Options
Select WARN.

INSTALL COMPLETE. System may ask you to reboot your computer.

USB LINKER's DRIVER also have version different, the latest version of XG2LT software 1.22 included USB LINKER version 1.31.

Software/USB Driver -Upgrade/Reinstall:

When USB Driver Occurs a Problem, or want to upgrade the USB Driver, you can follow these steps:


At Device Manager to find the wrong "SIO BRIDGE PROCESSER" USB Device -->RIGHT CLICK-->unstall, and run RMDRV.EXE once:

then unplug the USB LINKER, and manually delete the old version of XGFLASH2 LINK TURBO software.
After Finish, Install the software again.


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