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XG2T SMS Functions (GBA Display)

By - lchmanny

XG-Flash 2 Turbo - Super Memory Stick

XGFLASH2 TURBO is included a brand new function in the game card - SMS Memory System
once a save has been backup to SMS memory system, even the game card's battery voltage is zero, the save is still remain here.
256MBIT version of XG2T have a "SRAM" memory (GBA display as "SAVE DATA") and 12 "SMS memory slot" (512MBIT has 28 "SMS memory slot")
Only the 2M SRAM memory in XG2T can run in game playing,  the SMS memory just for secure backup use only.

Version 1.22 already make SMS function more convenient:

xg2t boot menu

- Main menu, press Manage button to manage game save to SRAM/SMS manually:

xg2t save game manager sms

- Backup: to backup "Save Data" to SMS slot.

xg2t sms

- Restore: to restore a game save from SMS slot to SRAM in order for game use.

xg2t game menu

Auto memory backup example:
Now, the save data is Super Mario 3's save, but I want to play GGXAE now, when the user press StartGame, system will check if the game content is same as SRAM save content, and this example is different.
System will start to check SMS slot has any Super Mario3's save:
- if SMS slots doesn't have any save of Super Mario3, system will backup the SRAM data to a new SMS slot;
- if SMS slots has Super Mario3's save record, system will ask the user if he/she wants to backup Super Mario3's save data and play new game:

xg2t backup save data

Select Backup save data will display backup menu:

gba xg2t flash card men

Even select backup or not, system will search SMS slot to check if there has a save data for the new selected game:
- if there only has 1 slot new selected game data in SMS, system will auto load that slot to SRAM and run the game. (That means auto load save)
- if there have 2 or more save data, system will load a latest save data to SRAM (check by DATE). If you want to load a save data which is not latest date, you may need to Restore it by manually.

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