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efa linker 2 usb hubEFA-Linker II Manual

Attention: Please don’t connect EFA to USB when flash card is inside GBA/SP/NDS.


Use one of the supplied USB cables to connect EFA-Linker II to a USB hub or usb port on the back of computer. After you have connected the Linker operating system will automatically detect it as a Removable Disk / Removable media or U-Disk.

Both cables aside from their length are the same so you can use the one that suits you better. As you can see in the above picture the short USD cable is used because it was connected to a USB HUB that sits on the table, but if you need to connect EFA II to a USB plug that at the back of your PC use the longer cable..

Now with most GBA ROMS you can simply drag and drop them onto this Removable Disk and they will be copied into EFA2 Flash Card.

removable disk efa
The letter assigned to the drive could differ depending on how many disks
you have in your computer and what drive letter are unused.

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EFA II Client Software

Direct Drag-and-Drop is the most easy and simple way of getting

Process : 1) Not only direct drag ROM into card, but also use our software to transfer ROMs into card on side of PC.

2) Please send ROMs from U-disk to Flash on side of GBA/SP/NDS. After

that you could play.

Manual on side of PC

1. Download EFA II Client software and unzip it to any directory on your PC. Inside the directory you will find the following files:

2. Double Click on the efa_II_Client to start the Client software. You will see the following window.

3. Connect EFA2 card and PC with USB then click “Path” to find U-disk.

You should see the LED light inside the card turn RED

4. Now click [Add] button to add new GBA ROMs (direct support gba, zip, bin files)
Browse to the directory where you have stored your games and select the ones you wish to write to the card.

5. Click [Export] to transfer GBA ROMs that already edited into U-disk (EFA2 NAND)

6. Click [OK] transfer complete

7. Right click and pull out card

You should use efa_II_client for features like CHEAT, SOFTRESET and INSTAND SAVE But you could also direct drag ROMs into card without EFA II software if you don’t want to use these functions.

Notes about EFA Client:

1. Double click on ROM’s name to rename it.
2. Short ROM name (8 letters) are better for showing on GBA/SP/NDS.
3. Optional open/close CHEAT on in GBA/SP/NDS.


Using EFA II Loader in GBA/SP/NDS

Attention: Press [L] button to show the function in EFA-Linker II loader.

You see "No Valid Rom Found" in the main menu?

If you have copied files from PC to the flash card storage memory (U-Disk) in order to play have to do one more thing -> In the menu select to copy the ROM to EFA Flash (NOR). To do this push [->] than select ROM you want to play and push [A] to move it to NOR flash. After this you can play.

1) Select ROM in U-disk and press “A” to ready for writing. Continue press “A” to write ROMs
to EFA Flash and press “B” to cancel. 

2) Write and Delete: You could choose Write to burn the ROMs into EFA FLASH and choose
Delete to delete ROMs which you want to write and already writed.

3) You could control UP and DOWN to choose the size of saver. It will automatic allot if you don’t control.

4) SMS (super memory system):You could use our SMS function if you want to keep your saver safely. Please press “SELECT” in the Current ROM list and choose Back saver. Then it will be a new SAVEFILE in the “Path:\” and you saver is in this file. You could keep your saver till format U-disk and also get back your saver at any moment.

5) Get back saver:Press “SELECT” at the saver file in the SAVEFILE and choose “Saver OP”. Then it show the Current ROM List automatic and please choose your saver’s ROM and press “ SELECT”. Then choose “Update saver” should continue your game from last time.

6) Cheat Function: You could use Cheat function if you edit the ROMs on the side of PC.

You could optional open/close on the side of GBA/SP/NDS before playing. Direct press “START” after choosing the Cheat.

Thank you for your purchasing and please visit official Web if you have problems.

Buy GBA Extreme Flash Advance at Jandaman - Price: $ 99.95 USD
Both Original EFA Linker and EFA Linker II can play GBA ROMs, Emulated games and NDS ROMs. Both version I & II can be used on GAMEBOY ADVANCE, GBA SP, GB Micro and Nintendo DS consoles. EFA can boot DS roms directly when as EFA II has a little trick to do it until the new updated version of the Loader is released.

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EFA2 efa linker ii
EFA Linker 2 Review
Using EFA2 Flash Card
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