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What You need to PLAY all Nintendo DS Roms for Free

I have a Nintendo DS, I would like to play all Nintendo DS ROMS. I see tons of different backup devices and nds flash cards, but I don't get what items I need to be able to do this. I also would love if it could play GBA roms and even old system roms like nes and snes. Please help me out.

To play NDS ROMS on Nintendo DS console for free you need the following things:

  • GBA Flash Card
  • GBA Flash Linker / Writer
  • DS Pass Key

For example here you can see a NeoFlash Set. (Metroid game not included)

neoflash nds flash neo 

If you decide to buy a DS Backup kit that has NO built in memory for ROMS but instead stores them on the SD (Secure Digital) or CF (Compact Flash) memory cards you will NOT need GBA Flash Linker cable, but instead you have to get a CF or SD Flash Writer and one of these cards. [ Such DS Cards are : SuperCard SD, SuperCard CF, M3 perfect SD and M3 Adapter CF]

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards

According to our tests - first generation DS Pass Key devices are interchangeable, but still I guess it is safer to buy the GBA Card + the DS Key from the same manufacturer just in case they come out with a way to lock you from using it with another flash card. So:

Flash Card
1st Gen PassMe
2nd Gen PassMe
G6 Flash
PassKey DS
SuperCard SD
SuperCard CF

EZ-Flash 2
EZ3, EZ Flash 4


XG-Flash, XG2

Magic Key
MK2, MK3
• Other GBA Flash Card
any PassMe

*Who needs 2nd generation PassMe2?

In the new colored DS consoles Nintendo has made some changes to the Firmware that made regular PassMe Key incompatible so an updated 2nd generation passme's were released, but the are a little bit more complicated to use so if you have an older DS stick with the 1st gen.
So who HAS TO HAVE the new 2nd gen PassMe Key:

  • Owners of Chinese version DS = iQue DS.
  • Japan Version, Serial Number begin with NJH/NJF/NJM, the second number >=2
  • USA Version, have not a result.
  • EUR Version, SN begin with NEH/NEM, most are new version.
  • All version which bought after Oct. 2005.

PassMe2 works with ALL currently released consoles, but it requires the GBA Flash Card to be configured with a special code that corresponds to the DS Card you will use to boot games. In most cases this is done by the software that manufacturer provides with the backup kit, but still 1st gen PassMe that doesn't require such configuration of sram is more simple to use.

I was wondering if I could use my Card Reader in my printer as a writer as well. I have an HP printer that has card slots for the CF and SD. Actually, I plan on using the CF just becauase I have more of those. Would that work for writing the DS files to it? 

If you see the CF card on your PC as one of the Removable Disk drives than YES - it will work for writing NDS roms to the Compact Plash and playing on DS. I personally sometimes use my photo camera as the writer or the SD slot in the Pocket PC. What I do have to note is that standalone dedicated flash readers/.writer are usually much faster.

"(Also works without PassMe IF you have modified your DS firmware with FlashMe when you've got the Metroid Demo or another game in your DS slot. Hold down A+B+X+Y to start. This way nothing sticks out of the back of your NDS...)"  How do I update the firmware on my DS with FlashMe? How would I flash the DS? Are there any risks in doing this?

If you want to find out more about patching/upgrading DS FirmWare go to FlashMe page.
Flashing of the firmware is done just the same as if you would run a NDS game. The program asks you to confirm that you realy want to up upgrade and than it will require you to OPEN teh back battery cover of the DS and connect 2 small pads on the DS motherboard with a metalic object like screwdriver. Risk are minimal but you have to make sure that battery is charged and the AC adapter is pluged in. Only way to brick the DS is to cut the power to it in the middle of an update, but if there are 2 power souces a chance of that happening is close to none.

My last question is the save again. It says that it saves on the CF. Does this mean I don't have to worry about the game with specific save types that I put in the Superpass?

With all of the current NDS Flash kits roms get patched to save to SRAM of GBA Flash Card and in SuperCard and M3 Adapter this save gets stored on the CF or SD card. No - you don't have to worry about the type of save - just make sure that you have the latest firmware and software and all should work just fine.

First DS Backup kit that we confirmt can play commercial NDS ROMs.
NeoFlash Review

Turns out that with the help of Magic Key = Passme you can run real NDS roms from one more gba flash card - XG2 2005 so good news just keep on coming!
PassMe + commercial NDS ROMs

Roms and Emu on GBA Flash Cards Compatible with Nintendo DS

Results and Details at Nintendo DS Flash Card page

NDSPatcher v 0.1
With this nice little tool from ]{ain you can patch NDS ROMS (clean unaltered dumps) so that they will work on nearly all DS compatible GBA Flash Cards and save game progress in the GBA cart. If you already have a flash cartridge like X-ROM can use NDS Patcher to play commercial NDS roms that they coud not play before. (Requies DS PassMe or FlashMe)

NDS Patch Tool


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NeoFlash for NDS roms
full review by GBAnet.

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Dark Alex Open Edition PSP Firmware with iso and rom playback enabled.




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