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Nintendo DS Dreaming Competition
Win one of 5 GBA Movie Players

The registration has closed - entries are being published and judged. The winners will be contacted for shipping details.

Together with our new sponsor - we are happy to announce Nintendo DS competition. Everybody is welcome to participate, you don't have to own NDS. Win one of 5 GBA Movie Players - supplied and shipped to you by Lik-Sang.

Win 5 GBA / NDS Movie Players

This little cartridge plugs into your Gameboy Advance or Nintendo DS and uses Compact Flash cards to play movies, audio files, e-books, and game emulation roms. Included PC software will even rip DVDs into GBA Movie Player format. Read More

GBA Movie Player NDS

What you have to do to enter the competition:

Put your imagination to work and describe NINTENDO DS Accessory or Software or new features that you could dream of.

  • It can be anything you can dream of.
  • Extra points given for detailed description of DS dreams.
  • You could even draw a picture of what it should look like.
  • Don't limit you fantasies.
Your entries should be mailed to :

Buy DSi R4 Flash Cards


- Competition is worldwide - anyone, anywhere can enter to win!
- Prizes limited to one per person.
- This competition will run for two complete weeks starting from 1st December.
- At the end of two weeks entries accepted will be published and winners announced.
- No Lik-Sang account needed for processing. We will take care of all formalities and you don't have to pay any shipping fees.
- When you mail us don't forget to include your Name, Country and City you are from.
- For winners - full shipping address will need to be submitted upon request.

To give you an idea of what we are looking for here is our webmaster's dream.

Nintendo DS - PDA OS Package.

Add on NDS Expansion / Options pack that takes full advantage of Wi-Fi, enables web browsing and adds other PDA features on the Nintendo DS. Main PDA application / software is stored on the NDS Game Card that is inserted into [SLOT-1]. This package comes with another cartridge for expanding console's memory and capabilities - special SD card adapter that fits into the Nintendo DS GBA game pak slot [SLOT-2]. This adapter cartridge is (should be :-) ) SDIO Compatible so that PDA accessories like PPC Cameras could be used for NintendoDS.
etc. etc. etc.

(Don't forget that it's just dreaming - for now..)

To learn more about NDS visit and our Nintendo DS page.



Nintendo DS Flash Cards
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Lik-Sang Competition

· Accessory Package 1
· Analog JoyStick
· TV Connection, Keyboard
· NDS Button Device
· Chiritorie DS Wi-Fi Cacume Clener
· Nintendo DS DVD Player
· e-Mail & WebBrowser
· Cartridge Holder
· Accessory Package 2
· GameCube Player
· Multimedia Accessory
· NetPOD64 N64 Emu
· DS NoteBook
· PocetPC PDA Card
· Portable Media Center
· Accessory Package 3
· Portable Media Streamer
· Sattelite Tuner
· StarCraft DS RTS Game
· Thumb Thong
· DS Total Add-On
· TV Tuner
· Wireless Connectivity
· Other Entries...

· Nintendo DS Accessories
order the ones that are already reality or pre-order upcoming add-ons.


  - Jeffrey Roberts
  - Matthew Pearce
  - Jeffrey Lee Kim-Koon
  - Jay Mitch
  - Adam J Soltys




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