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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Jeffrey Lee Kim-Koon [[email protected]]

NDS The Chiritorie DS vacuum cleaner.

I was busy vacuuming the floor today with an extremely tiny vacuum cleaner today and I realized how much pain streaking work it is. Its noisy, its tiring and worst of all, its not fun at all. When I finished vacuuming the floor, I sat down to have a few quick games on my Nintendo DS and then suddenly an idea came to my mind.

Chiritorie vacuum cleaner

I remember once when playing Wario Ware for GBA that it had a game which consisted of a vacuum cleaner which is remotely controlled by simply pressing a single button. This idea was first conceived by Nintendo back in 1979 before they started making home consoles. It is called Chiritorie. The Chiritorie is a remote controlled vacuum cleaner which was back in the day when Nintendo was busy making toys. What it basically is, is a circular vacuum cleaner that spins in circles. When you press the single button on the remote, it will make the Chiritorie move forward in whichever direction it is facing and vacuum whatever was in front of it.

My conception of a Nintendo DS version would be a vacuum cleaner to be known as the Chiritorie DS. There will be two versions of the Chiritorie DS with the following features:

Basic Version Features:
- Remote control operation through Nintendo's proprietary wireless network.
- Controlled by the D-Pad or Touch Screen
- Vacuum (Obviously...)

Advance Version Features:
- Same functions as the Basic Version plus,
- Built in camera (similar to webcams)
- Built in light (to aid the camera when vacuuming in dark places)
- Remote control operation through 802.11b WLAN network to vacuum your room
when you're away from the house.

NDS The Chiritorie DS vacuum cleaner


How it works:
You first insert the game card into the Nintendo DS unit and boot up the software. When the software has booted up, it will go into a main menu where the user chooses to start the Chiritorie DS, play Chiritorie DS practice game or Enter Chiritorie DS ID.

Every Chiritorie DS has a unique ID which has to be entered into the game card to prevent someone from starting your vacuum and harassing you or worse, spying on you (with the Advance Version's camera).

The built in Chiritorie DS game features a 3D, first-person view from a Chiritorie DS unit in a randomly generated 'room' where you control a Chiritorie DS and practice vacuuming. The game scores you on distance covered, special items vacuumed (such as dust bunnnies, crackers, keys, etc.) and time taken.

When you choose to start the actual Chiritorie DS, it will begin searching for the Chiritorie DS in the local area. If the vacuum unit is found, it will send a remote signal to turn the Chiritorie DS on. If the user wishes, he or she can tell the Chiritorie DS to make an audible beeping sound so the user can locate a lost Chiritorie DS unit.

Once the unit is ready for operation, there are two modes of vacuuming, Normal Vacuum mode or Classic Vacuum mode. Normal Vacuum mode consists of remotely controlling the Chiritorie DS with the D-Pad in the following controls:

Left: Turn left
Right: Turn right
Up: Move Forward
Down: Move Backward

A: Vacuum On/Off
B: Light On/Off (Advance Version Only)
Y: Move Faster (3 levels of speed: Slow, Normal, Fast)
X: Move Slower
L: Turn Left 90 degrees
R: Turn Right 90 degrees

Start: Opens Main Menu
Select: Causes the vacuum unit to beep in order to locate the unit.

Power: Shuts down the Nintendo DS and tells the Chiritorie DS to go into Sleep Mode.

Touch Screen: If the user wishes, he or she can use the touch screen to operate the Chiritorie DS in a similar fashion to Metroid Prime: Hunters but this option will only be available for the Advance Version because the Basic Version will not include a camera.

As for Classic Vacuum mode, the Chiritorie DS will operate in its classic mode of operation similar to its predecessor in 1979. The Chiritorie DS will spin in circles and when the user presses the A button, the Chiritorie DS will move forward in whichever direction it is facing and vacuum everything in front of it. When the A button is released, the Chiritorie DS will stop vacuuming and begin spinning in circles again.

If the Chiritorie DS unit hits a wall in both Normal or Classic mode, the unit will quickly turn 90 degrees and move forward and continue this action until it has moved away from the wall (unless the user releases the button causing it to move forward).

The Advance Version of the Chiritorie DS will have the additions of a camera, light and 802.11b WLAN operation.

Camera: This will be a small camera similar to webcams located on the top of the Chiritorie DS unit. On the top screen of the Nintendo DS, it will display what the Chiritorie DS is currently viewing.

Light: This is a small but bright light in front of the Chiritorie DS which will help the user navigate in difficult to see areas such as under beds, in closets or at night. This is used in conjunction with the camera.

802.11b WLAN: If the user is away from the house but the floor needs vacuuming before they come home, they can access their Chiritorie DS through the internet. Each Chiritorie DS has a unique ID and will connect to a local server which will relay the signal from the Chiritorie DS to the user's Nintendo DS. By using the router located in the user's house, they can control the Chiritorie DS anywhere around the world and view what it sees in the camera too. This also makes it an excellent spy tool!!

The Chiritorie DS makes one of the most annoying house chores fun!

DS Chiritorie vacuum cleaner

Jeffrey Lee-Kim-Koon
Richmond Hill, Canada

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