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DS Game Card HolderNintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Francois St-Maurice [[email protected]]

DS Game Card Holder

Here is my Nintendo DS Dream Accessory entry.

It can look like it's actually quite simple...but I'd be the first to jump an an accessory like this.

Since I owned a Gameboy (1998), I've always been amazed by the size of the cartridges. I actually bought the original Tetris twice because I lost my cartridge, just to find it again two weeks later under my brother's bed. But when I got my DS, I was astonished by the cartridge's size. Could they make it any smaller?

I have the habit of carrying two or three games with me when I travel, but with the size of those cartridges, I can't imagine putting them in my pocket just to find out I had a hole big enough to lose one. Since I've never been a big fan of bulky carrying cases, there has to be a secure way for me to carry more than one of those small things securely.

So here's my dream. I would like a plastic container, big enough to fit in two DS cartridges side by side, fixed to the back of my DS console.

I'm not good at drawing, so here is the detailed description:

Flip the DS over. You should look at it with the writings upside down. Align two DS cartridges side by side so that the right cartridge aligns with the right border of the CUP code and the left cartridge aligns just passed the left side of the same CUP code. The bottom of both cartridges should align midway to the Nintendo DS logo (just above the Slot 2 indication).

So there is enough space to align two cartridges side by side without getting in the way of anything else right? Why not install a plastic container that would contain both cartridges then? Sure...but it needs to be fixed, and there's no way I'm gonna use a cheap glue to fix those precious DS cartridges.

Take a look at the right where you aligned the cartridges, you will find a screw for the DS battery container. Our cartridge container can reach that hole and be screwed in along with the battery cover. For additional security, it could also reach the upper thumb strap hole and clip in there, providing extra tightness. Since the thumb strap will have to be removed in order for the container to clip in there, an extra strap hole could be part of our cartridge holding device.

Finally, there has to be a basic manual safety lock (a plastic clip on top of case) to make sure both cartridges do not fall inadvertently.

My final sales pitch:


* Secure plastic add-on to your DS: keeps an extra 2 DS games along with your console for a total of 4 games on the go (including the GBA game in its slot)

* Screwed in for extra security (screwdriver and assembly required)

* Clips into the thumb strap hole. Extra thumb strap hole included on the case.

* Secure lock keeps the games inside their case.

* Does not interfere with your gameplay
(the area below both shoulder buttons remains totally free)

* Only 1/4 inches thick (6.5mm) (approximate expected size)

* Available in 5 different colors!

I bought my DS to play games on the go, and I really think a game carrying system should have come built in the device. Something similar to the memory card holders inside the PS2 game covers, embedded on the back of the DS console would have done the trick.

But hey...that's just my dream...

Francois St-Maurice

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