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media add-onNintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Nomer Reyes [[email protected]]

NDS Portable Media Center

My dream Nintendo DS with act as a full-fledged Portable Media Center. The It would be nice if the UI of the DS could be updated to include full datebook with its calender, along with an address book. PDA funtionality will also be available with an Compact Flash (or other memory cards) to GBA cartridge adapter. With this capability, the DS will be able to run applications such as a web browser, email apps, and perhaps an AIM client, to allow universal chat using 802.11 standard, along with its built in picto chat. An alternative is Nintendo could produce their own PDA software to utilize its 802.11 wireless technology, selling such software as DS cartridges. The AIM client could also somehow implement the touch screen when sending messages. Also a GPS-like application would be available for those on road trips, making the DS invaluable on those long vacations.

The other main use of the DS will be as an MP3 player. With the CF to GBA adapter, users could load MP3s to their compact flash cards and play them off of the DS, using the stereo earphones. Choosing songs would be a breeze with the touch screen. Pictures can also be view on the DS. There is already a movie player available for the GBA/DS, but a re-design of this hardware could easily turn it into a Media Player. Optional accessories can be created to further enhance the DS' capabilities. (Camera maybe?)

Gadget freaks can be pleased by creating a Bluetooth adapter that would attach to the GBA slot. The bluetooth device could interact to other bluetooth enabled devices, such as other laptops or headsest/earphones (much like modern cell phones)

The 802.11 wireless capibility of the DS could be used to create a world wide network of online DS gaming. Rather than having users be within the short wireless range, users can actually connect to a Wi-Fi network and play with other around the world. The disadvantage of this of course is that the user would have to own the game, rather than downloading the content from the host user.

Of course, playing the classic games on the DS is the primary reason people would use it. Playing roms through the media player would allow users to launch emulators and play ROMs of other systems on the DS. Future games would implement the touch even moe in it's gameplay, and I personally see online Pictionary as being a big hit.

The touch screen on the DS is the main thing that distinguishes it from other handheld systems. If Nintendo would create applications to utilize it, the DS would be the most versitile portable system ever.

As I wait for this dream to come true, I will settle with Mario 64, for now. =)

-Nomer Reyes

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Published Wednesday 15th December 2004 15:37 GMT

Nintendo's DS looks certain to outsell Sony's PlayStation Portable, but Nintendo is clearly so worried about its rival that it is already announcing an upgrade that will bring PSP-style music and movie features to its own handheld console.

Next February, Nintendo will ship an add-on module that provides music and video playback, the company said today. The ¥5000 ($48) adaptor will work with any MPEG 4 video and MP3 audio files stored on a DS memory card.

Sony always touted the PSP as a mobile media unit as well as a games console, whereas Nintendo, as you'd expect from its previous efforts in the handheld gaming arena, has always focused on portable play. Interestingly, the addition of the new adaptor will not only bring to the DS the kind of media support the PSP enjoys, but will up its effective price to that of the PSP. In Japan the DS retails for around ¥15,000, the PSP for ¥19,800.


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