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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Angelo Marubayashi [[email protected]]

NDS Undercarriage Button Device

as i see it, the greatest challenge that the NDS and programmers of its games will have to face is its extreme lack of buttons, when playing a game with touch screen one hand is occupied, and 5 buttons become immediately very tough to access.

NDS Undercarriage Button Device

my dream accessory would be an undercarriage button device, it would operate as a passthrough cart that would plug into the game port, and have a slim rubberized surface that would hook over the back of the nds without bulking it up too much. this rubber surface will have buttons on it that resemble those in "unbreakable keyboards," slim, but still depress for that satisfying button click, and ultra resilient, safe from spills bumps, pokes and prods. the buttons would slightly differ from the keyboard in question in that the buttons would be round and vary in size a little. when the rubberized button surface is hooked over the back of the nds it will lock the passthrough into place.

there would be seven of these buttons on each side and a toggle to activate or deactivate the whole apparatus, ten of the buttons would be in medium/small crosses of 5 symmetrical on each side of the game boy with two more buttons in close proximity.

when a cart is plugged into the passthrough the nds boots to the accessories preboot interface by default if you have not played that particular cart before. from here you can map the nds's 14 buttons (u,d,l,r,a,b,x.y.l,h, start, select) to the undercarriage buttons in any fashion you like, the buttons are located such that you could map them to play gripping the nds from the side, or from beneath and operate the buttons with your four fingers, rather than your thumb and index finger. if the buttons are mapped to grip the nds from beneath it will solve a lot of peoples concerns of stability when using the stylus, a firmer grip from closer to the center will prevent the necessity of gaming directly in one's lap.

if you map the buttons the undercarriage will remember your setup, and skip the configuration boot sequence unless you hold one of the undercarriage keys while the nds is powering up each time that cart is played in the future. you can skip this mapping sequence if you like, and it will not even start if the device is toggled off when the nds is started however it cannot be toggled on until the next time the nds boots

flash cards will be able to override the undercarriages preboot in favor of their own os' which could incorporate button mapping functions

the relocation of up to seven buttons for each hand could potentially give that gamer 12 buttons accessible to one hand, leaving the other hand free with the stylus.

another incarnation of this device might be built directly into game carts, allowing developers to create custom undercarriage button layouts for the needs of their game

PS This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.

Angelo Marubayashi


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