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nds emuNintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Short E-Mails

Corbin [[email protected]]

It would be amazing if you could make an snes rom on a gba flash cart tha would play in the ds. we could download a snes rom, and play it! also, a wireless reciever that plugs into an sp or gba and allows it to link with the ds!

Daniel C. [[email protected]]

Hi, My name is Daniel ^_^ and here is my idea.... A fighting game in which you draw your characters symbol he wears during fights and the way he does his special move. Like using the touch screen for where you want you hand to be punching. And for you to be able to make your character's voice like all his saying effects or just a couple of his specials. And for it to be mult-player and online! That would be the ultimate Game for the DS!!!

D a n ^ _ ^

George W. [[email protected]]

a camera that fits into the GBA port allowing for video-chat over the DS, and possibly online. It would be a """T PLUG""

which means it contains an outwards connector as well with this you would be able to have a DS-CAM(era) AND a GBA game in the DS at the same time, thus allowing for, when playing a GBA game, a Vid-Chat window on the opposite screen. It would use the:

Wifi (to send the video) Microphone (sound) Touch Screen ( in "full screens" mode there would also be a picto-chat like window on the bottom screen) Sound (it could be "sterio-ized" by having the sound from the GBA game on one speaker- sound from ""VID CHAT"" on the other speaker AND DS-Cam - additional


My gadget is one whereby it communicates with a PC and gets the DS Online.
it would be called Link-DS  
it would be able to surf the internet and would be able to use the Wireless router (of the PC) as an extender for the range of the DS's signals, by forcing it to send communications through it. It could act as an item that will bring the DS onlie, through a central online gaming website. It is basically an 'alternator' for the DS's wireless signals, changing them so that a normal WIFI router could intercept them. It would also contain software, like a Web-Browser for the DS, and an E-Mail client. e.g Outlook DS~~~

George Watson
London, England, UK

Brandon L. P., AZ USA

Ok what I would like to see for the DS,
1). A connector that allows the two screens to be connected two different TVs.
2). A connector that allows two different controllers to be attached to the DS so that that two people can play multiplayer games on the two screens.
3). A USB adapter that plugs into the unit that allows mice, keyboards, memory and other USB devices to be recognized and used.
4). A Bluetooth cart that allows the unit to connect to a cell phone or GPS or any other BT compliant device. The cart should also add a basic OS with PIM and web browsing and other general PDA fetures.

nintendo ds tv adapter


jaimes c. ashley [[email protected]]

The nintendo DS would be a device that give a hologram projecting a 3d image. There will be contact pads that is put in contact with the skin to evoke its senses giving all 5 senses a true and real life experience with every game. an adapter can also be plugged in to instill the hologram image into the mind's eye meaning the gamer will be in a virtual world when connected to the console



1) A slot at the back of the ds which you slide your credit card though so you can check how much money you have!!!!
2) A laser light that projects a LED image of your game your playing so friends can watch you play from afar!!!!
3) A fold out keyboard at the bottem of the second screen so you can type out e-mails easy(see wish
4) A thing that lets you check and send e-mail
5) A little printer that clicks in the back also a scanner

Kevin T. [[email protected]]

A hook-up that enables system to act as a computer, including wireless internet capabilites and dvd-movie playback. It would look like a cartridge with a wire coming out of the top. This wire would be connected to a dvd-drive that could be clipped onto the back the the system. The buttons (A,B,X,Y,Start,Select,D-pad,L,R) on the Nintendo DS could be used to control dvd playback. The dvd-drive would look very similar to a cd-player and a portable dvd-player. It would have the design of the cd-player, but the functions of a dvd-player. You would also be able to listen to music through the dvd-player. An on-screen keyboard could be used to navigate the internet. The stylus can be used to click on links or be used as a mouse (Ex: A flash game could be played using the mouse and the buttons on the Nintendo DS).

Kevin Tran
United States of America, Santa Ana

George W. [[email protected]]

My idea:

It is a cartridge that can slot into the GBA cart. slot it has a camera
coming from it and would connect to a PC via the Ds's Wifi ability. with
this you can take pictures and get pics of the computer and put them on the
cart. It would then be able to display these pics on the background of the
NDS. it would also feature pda type abilities and would have a wifi video
chat program built into it, using the camera.

George Watson,
United Kingdom (England)
London (Welwyn)

[email protected]

Alright. I got a couple.

1.) Nintendo DS Server: Little Blockly thing that connects to your DS.
It then will let you store and keep up player files. To keep records.
Ladder Info. or possible Mini MMO between friends?

2:) Nintendo DS Computer Mate: Lets you wifi from your computer to
your DS. Loading up text and small games. even webpages.

3:) Removable Camrea Phone.

4:) Removable Hard Drive.

5:) PictoPhone! : Its already got a mic. How about a video Phone? eh?!

Mauricio C. [[email protected]]

  Me gustaria que el Ninteno DS tuviera una opcion para entrar a internet ademas una exepansin para USB y que en vez de cartuchos usara mini discos como los del Game Cube, que se puedan copiar. Tambien que soportara el formatas de audio y video de cualquier tipo, y camara integrada. Ademas que tenga una ranura de expancion hacia el GBA. Que la pantalla de arriba no fuera tan pequeña sino que ocupara toda el area. Bueno esa seria mi descripsion para el nintendo DS gracias

Mauricio Cornejo
Costa Rica, Alajuela centro 



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