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Nintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : Daniele [[email protected]]

NDS Total Add-On.

My perfect accessori for the Nintendo DS would be a thing that can expand DS's possibilities in many ways. It would add pda-like features and would also boost graphics and controller buttons. It would be the TOTAL add on :). So, let's start with a picture (it's only a drawing, but it's useful to understand ):

NDS Total Add-On

First of all, this add on will stay on the bottom of the nds, plugging in the gba slot. There are two flaps that will cover d-pad and the buttons, adding an analogue control, very useful for fps games. On the bottom of this add on there is a compact flash slot, that will be useful for plugging cf cards, even type 2 (with 4 gb of capacity), and other addons (like a gps). On the left side there's also a sd card slot, so if you have a peripheral connected to the cf slot you can still store informations. On this side there are also an USB 2.0 port and a composite out. But there is a small problem: the cf type 2 cards are micro hard disks, so the nds battery will drain faster. So, if you want, you can buy an extra li ion battery, plugging it on the left side, so you can use the nds as you haven't got the addon. An important thing is that it has 16 mb of ram and an additional 32 bit CPU (and even a GPU by ATI at 33 mhz), that is running on 133 mhz, so the graphics will be really amazing, almost like an NGC, and with texture filtering. The possibilities added by these two processors are amazing: you can plug a pocket video recorder on the cf slot and compress the video in a small format like mpeg4 while you are still recording, or play divx videos with full resolution and 25 fps with mp3 hq audio, or run an enourmous quantity of programs (text readers/writers, mp3 players, organizers etc.). The thing will come with an usb cable, a 32 mb sd card, and the operative system, specifically designed for the console. The only limit will be the inventive of software programmers!

Italy, Aprilia


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GAMEBOY micro - mini GBA

gameboy micro miniGBM comes with a backlit mini screen with adjustable screen brightness levels. Features swappable face plate for design customization. Micro Size - Mini Weight three times lighter than iPod mini. Built-in Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and it plays all GBA games world-wide.

* Gameboy Advance Micro is NOT compatible with NDS Games.


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· TV Connection, Keyboard
· NDS Button Device
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· Cartridge Holder
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· GameCube Player
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· StarCraft DS RTS Game
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