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ds hdd microdriveNintendo DS Dreaming - Competition

Entry By : ViperO07 [[email protected]]

NDS Rumble Pack, Camera, USB Storage Accessory Package

Nintendo DS Accessorys... A rumble pack would be nice like it could go into one of the game cartridge areas and play DS games while the rumble pack is in the GBA area, or it gould like hook onto the game boy and plug into the sound and shake when certain frequencies came through.

Grips for the Nintendo DS would be nice as i have a GBA and my hands are rather big, so i bought this strange accessory that put grips onto the GBA and i can now not play GBA with out it. Also some sorta joystick that would like connect to the whole DS and like go over the pad, so u could play with the higher grafix better.

remember the game boy camera and how bad it was at taking high quality type pictures, well they could bring that back except the camera could be like thoes in cell phonesand u could use some software to write ppl letters and send the pictures attached to it. and a printer type accessory but alittle better then the old one (at least) so u could print off conversations and the pictures u take. also something to hook it up to a cell or hard wire phone.

gba camera

Last but not least some way to plug the NDS into a usb storage device, like an external hard drive, or a jump drive, so u can have (lets say u have 200 GB of a usb hard drive) 200 gb of back up games, maybe music to play maybe movies to watch on it. you know, it would be very nice. and obviously the software to play mp3's, and movies (which u guys already have). That would be very nice.

I would have said protective screens for the DS but i see now that lik-sang has them already :-p.

Eitan Stadtlander-Miller
North Miami Beach, Florida USA

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· Accessory Package 1
· Analog JoyStick
· TV Connection, Keyboard
· NDS Button Device
· Chiritorie DS Wi-Fi Cacume Clener
· Nintendo DS DVD Player
· e-Mail & WebBrowser
· Cartridge Holder
· Accessory Package 2
· GameCube Player
· Multimedia Accessory
· NetPOD64 N64 Emu
· DS NoteBook
· PocetPC PDA Card
· Portable Media Center
· Accessory Package 3
· Portable Media Streamer
· Sattelite Tuner
· StarCraft DS RTS Game
· Thumb Thong
· DS Total Add-On
· TV Tuner
· Wireless Connectivity
· Other Entries...

· Nintendo DS Accessories
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