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Nintendo DS Notebook NDSNintendo DS Dreaming

Entry By : Jason Eubanks [[email protected]]

NDS Notebook.

I believe the DS should have a cartridge that will nable me to take notes in class and then transfer it to my cpu and vice versa. It should use the shoulder and other buttons as options such as changing colors, opening a keyboard to type (similar to pictochat functions but it doesnt have to take up the whole screen.), You can add other items like planners ect but the main purpose would be to use the stlus like a pen to take notes. It should come with a card or some device that will allow you to use its wireless capabilities. This "card" should hook up to a cpu using a usb cable and come with software that lets you transfer data back and forth. This would be different then a cartridge that would allow the use of roms. This would turn the DS into a fully functional notebook. A calculator can be included as well as other possibilities. As much as I would like to see a flash DS card this is not the same. It wouldnt be an OS w/ rom options ect (theyll make that anyhow). This would be for the sole pupose of taking detailed notes for classes. The top screen can display the pages that are saved or written. There could be a whole host of other functions incorperated but it would be nice to be able to go to class, write my notes on my DS, then take it home and dumb the notes on my cpu. The package would contain one cartridge, one wireless card, one usb cable, and instructions. THis way no one can ever argue that video games cannot be used for education. I know it would be very use-full in my engineering classes. Unlike a PDA, the DS sits nicely on the desk and has a raised second screen that can be used for display. Thats basically my idea in a nut shell but I am sure there could be many other functions incorpeated. The most important would be the ability to write notes, save them, then transfer them at home. The card would be a bonus because it wouldnt require a wifi connection via a router. You could just use the wireless feature instead.

Jason Eubanks
Long Beach, N.Y.

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